Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 9


Chapter 9 – Brain Domain Development

A slight sensation spread from his toe that should have been completely lost the sense of touch. Although it was weak, Du Cheng could feel it very clearly.

This made Du Cheng very excited, although he didn’t know if the moxibustion could completely cure his disability, but he was sure that it did definitely have some effect…

“Xiner, as it is now, how long will it take to cure my disability?”

Du Cheng asked Xiner with some expectation, because the seventh of next month would be Gu Sixin’s birthday party, and there were less than fifteen days left. If it was possible, Du Cheng naturally hoped that he could attend Gu Sixin’s birthday party after he was cured.

As for the date with Gu Sixin tomorrow, it would be naturally impossible.

“I am not sure, but it should take a few years.” Xiner looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

“Several years……”

Du Cheng’s expression slightly changed, although there was some disappointment, but his excitement still accounted for a large number. After all, he was still young. If he could cure his disability in a few years, it was already a good fortune for him.

“Why you are in such a hurry, is it because you want to attend someone’s birthday party?”

By then, Xiner’s originally cute appearance suddenly disappeared, and instantly changed into Gu Sixin’s appearance. This little demoness was teasing Du Cheng.

Du Cheng was speechless, and then said with a helpless smile: “You devil.”

Xiner nodded very proudly, and then said: “Well, I won’t lie to you, your foot injury is not serious. If you perform moxibustion for more than six hours a day, it should be possible to heal within fifteen days.”

“It seems that I shouldn’t go to school these days.”Listening to what Xiner said, Du Cheng already made a decision in his mind. Other than a few important major lessons, the rest of the time he would stay at home.

“Du Cheng, you don’t have to worry, what you want to learn in school, I can teach you here, and if you are interested, I can also teach you higher level knowledge from the future, of course, there’s also a problem and that is you need to have enough time to do it.”

Xiner did not finish, she paused and then said: “As your A.I companion, Xiner has tailored a perfect learning plan for you. As long as you work hard, you can reach whatever height you want”

“There is a learning plan?” Du Cheng apparently did not think that Xiner had even prepared a set of learning programs for him. He was extremely curious about the mysterious future knowledge, so he asked Xiner for the first time.

Du Cheng was a smart person, he knew clearly that if he could grasp the future technology, to him, it was definitely an opportunity and no one would be able to surpass him.

At that time, Xiner nodded seriously, then said with some regrets: “But due to the abnormality in the system’s data, this set of learning programs is only for before 2500 years.”

“That’s enough, just set it to before 2500 then.” Du Cheng wasn’t a greedy person. He had absolute confidence that if he could master the technology and knowledge in the next ten years, he could realize his dream, let alone the skills and knowledge of the next five hundred years in the future.

Seeing Du Cheng agreed, Xiner smiled devilishly, and then said one word at a time: “This set of learning programs is mainly oriented in four areas, namely body, morality, wisdom, and art. Each field is divided into twelve categories and thirty six classes, including Chinese martial art, Muay Thai, marksmanship, swordsmanship…”

With every introduction, Xiner would also play the corresponding brief video, just to introduce that set of learning program, Xiner spent nearly an hour, and Du Cheng was stunned.

“It’s no wonder that it’s a perfect learning program. If you learn this much, will you still be human?”

After listening to Xiner, Du Cheng was completely speechless, and the perfect learning program introduced by Xiner basically included the best of each aspect in each industry.

The martial art mainly included a variety of martial arts that either Du Cheng knew or did not know at all, as well as various physical exercise methods.

Morality includes all kinds etiquette of thousands of years of domestic and international, as well as a person’s code of conduct and integrity.

Wisdom included the essence of all human advanced civilizations such as art of war, business, finance, technology, and so on.

Art included acting, singing, various musical instruments and dances.

The most important thing was that each area was classified and had a very detailed teaching video. The details were beyond what Du Cheng could imagine.

It could be said that a normal human being was smart, but if they wanted to learn all four fields, namely body, morality, wisdom, and art, afraid that it would not be possible without a few hundred years.

“Xiner, you don’t need to let me learn this. I have self knowledge. I am afraid that even after I enter the coffin, I wouldn’t be able to finish learning just a small part of it.” Du Cheng said with a bitter smile, although the plan was perfect, but his qualification was limited, and even if he wanted to learn, he couldn’t learn much.

Xiner looked proudly at Du Cheng and said with confidence: “You have me, Xiner, what are you worried about.”

“Xiner, do you have a way?” Du Cheng’s eyes shined, if it was said by others, he would definitely sneer at them, but if it was said by Xiner, then Du Cheng believed it 8 out of 10.

“That is of course, who do you think I am, I am an A.I from 3009 AD.” Xiner was very proud and laughed confidently, then went on and continue: “My dear Du Cheng, as long as you have potential, although Xiner couldn’t help you master all four fields in a short time, Xiner can guarantee that you can master the core of the four fields within ten years. As for others, you will have the opportunity to learn again later.”

Du Cheng understood what Xiner said. Du Cheng didn’t need to learn every field. Just like the etiquette in the morality field, he didn’t need to learn those ancient ceremonies. Even if he needed to learn them, it would only temporary.

The body and the art fields were the same. Only the wisdom was different. The various aspects and classifications included in the wisdom were very important. Therefore, wisdom was the main field Du Cheng should really be focusing on.

Thinking up to there, Du Cheng was already impatient, immediately asked Xiner: “Xin Er, how is my potential?”

“Your potential is sufficient. It is related to the degree of development of your brain. In 2355 AD, humans found a way to test the degree of brain development. Normally, a baby is born with only 0.3%-0.5%. As they grow, the degree of brain development will also increase, but generally will not exceed 6%.”

After Xiner paused, she went on and said: “Of course, this is just for a normal human. In the history of mankind, there aren’t many people who developed more than 6%. These people can generally be the best at what they are good at. Their achievements in the field are like the talented Zhang Liang, Kong Ming and so on in Chinese history. There are also Newton, Einstein, Picasso, Gauss, etc. in your time. These people’s brain had developed more than 6%, of which Einstein’s brain development was the highest, reached 9%.”

What Xin said was unimaginable to Du Cheng. However, Du Cheng also had some incomprehensible points and asked: “Xin Er, the potential you are referring to, does that mean that there are more than 90% that haven’t been developed?”

Xiner didn’t think that Du Cheng would react so quickly, she looked at him and then nodded. “Yes, human potential means maximizing the development in the undeveloped field of the brain. In 2365 AD, humans developed a method that can maximize the development of the human brains. This method has always been strictly guarded and banned by the military. It wasn’t fully disclosed until 3000 AD.”

What Xiner said was too ridiculous. If Du Cheng didn’t know Xiner better, afraid that he would not be able to digest all those info even if he believed it.

Seeing that Du Cheng was lost in thought, Xiner said: “Okay, Du Cheng, let me test your brain development level first, and then test your potential, you can rest assured, with Xiner here, even if your potential is ordinary, Xiner has an absolute method that can make your brain development reach 9% or more.”


Du Cheng nodded and closed his eyes as directed by Xiner.

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