Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – Hope

After completing the upgrade assessment, Du Cheng took another ten minutes to look at the rewards of some intermediate missions.

The tasks in the intermediate task area was more difficult than the ones from the primary task area, but the corresponding reward and contribution were much higher.

Just an ordinary mid level task, the reward was already about 1,000 yuan and about 100 contribution points, and as for the highest level intermediate task, the reward was about 2,000 yuan.

“Xin Er, I am going out for a trip now. You can help me pick up some tasks, but don’t take too many, take one in every twenty minutes or so.”

Du Cheng took his eyes away from those rewards. After thinking for a bit, he said to Xiner.

In terms of Xiner’s powerful functions, nearly thousands of these intermediate tasks might not need more than half a day. Although Du Cheng needed money now, he did not do this because there were many geeks who also needed these bounties, and if Du Cheng was to do this, he would be in others’ way.

“This is nothing, it can be easily done.” Xiner was very proud of her answer, after helping Du Cheng completed the upgrade assessment, she was like a small hen who obtained her victory.

Du Cheng didn’t say much, but just as he was going to put Xiner on standby, he trembled fiercely, and his eyes fell directly on Mother’s old face as he closed his eyes.

Although she was only forty years old, but because due to her bitter relationship, Du Cheng’s mother aged a lot, she seemed to be similar to a woman in her 50s. However, what Du Cheng was most concerned at the moment, wasn’t his own mother, but something else.

“Xiner, Xiner…”

Du Cheng called out to Xiner loudly in his heart, and his tone also contained a little excitement.

“Du Cheng, what’s wrong, what happened?” Seeing Du Cheng’s rare anxiety, Xiner asked quickly.

“Xin Er, do you have a way to let someone in vegetative state recover their consciousness?” Du Cheng asked with great excitement, even his voice was also trembling.

Xiner searched through her huge database and said: “There is, in 2597 AD, a medical scientist from China invented a therapy called laser tremor. This laser tremor therapy has a success rate of close to 80%.”

Xiner’s answer made Du Cheng very excited, he asked: “Xin Er, do you have the information on this medical scientist, or the detail on the laser tremor?”

Xiner nodded. However, when Xiner was about to answer, suddenly her personality changed and started talking in a mechanical voice: “Unable to answer, the data is corrupted, unable to answer…”

Watching Xiner, Du Cheng knew that Xiner had crashed, which made Du Cheng’s face inevitably showed some disappointment.

After repeating the same thing five-times, Xiner recovered from the crash.

Seeing the disappointment on Du Cheng’s face, Xiner apologetically moved toward Du Cheng and said: “Du Cheng, I’m sorry, the data after year 2500 have been corrupted, so Xiner couldn’t get any further information. I am sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter, Xiner, you don’t have to worry about it.” Although he was disappointed in his heart, but Du Cheng still comforted Xiner.

For Du Cheng, Xiner wasn’t just a simple A.I program. Unknowingly, Du Cheng had already seen Xiner as a friend.

Looking at Du Cheng, there was a flash of excitement on Xiner’s eyes, but Du Cheng who wast disappointed didn’t see it, and Xiner said: “Du Cheng, in fact, it’s not that there is no way. I found out the reason for the corruption in data is due to the amount of data in the library, as long as the library is back to normal, you can find the information you want.”

“Recovering the data library…”

When he heard what Xiner said, Du Cheng’s heart suddenly had a little more hope.

From small to big, his mother was his only relative. For Du Cheng, his mother was his last kin. Du Cheng would never give up as long as there was a way to wake her up.

“Well, give Xiner some time, Xiner should be able to recover on her own.” Xiner answered very seriously.

“Okay, it’s been so many years, it’s okay to wait a little longer.” ​​Du Cheng nodded. Although everything was unpredictable, he still saw at least a glimmer of hope.


After leaving the hospital, Du Cheng first went to the medical supermarket to buy a set of silver needles for acupuncture, and then went to a nearby electrical store, used 2,100 yuan and purchased a small solar receiver and some small instruments from a company specialized in solar technology.

All of this, Du Cheng only took less than an hour, due to eagerness, so Du Cheng did care about the price, reduced the time spent on the road.

After returned to the courtyard, Du Cheng did not return to the house, but directly took the solar receiver that was bigger than a watermelon and went straight to the courtyard, and called Xiner out of her standby.

In less than an hour, Xiner had helped Du Cheng complete three tasks. This was already known when Du Cheng swiped the card, because the account originally had only 3,000 yuan turned into 5,000 yuan.

At this rate, as long as there was time, there would be no problem for Du Cheng to gain tens of thousands or more.

However, what Du Cheng was most concerned about now was not this, but his foot.

“Du Cheng, this is a modified solution, you can modify it according to this plan.”

With the receiver bought by Du Cheng, Xiner quickly helped Du Cheng developed a simple solution, which only needed a slight modification on some parts.

This simple modification was not difficult for Du Cheng, who had experience in computer maintenance. In less than half an hour, Du Cheng had completed a simple modification and connected the silver needles through the line with acupuncture. The needles were joined together such that the silver needles could deliver light energy.

After completing this step, Xiner displayed Du Cheng’s full body on the virtual screen, and zoomed in on his foot, then lighted up and highlighted different acupuncture points, and carefully applied the moxibustion technique to each needle. In one step, the needles were carefully positioned on his acupuncture points needed for moxibustion. There was a slight numbness on the acupuncture points, which helped Du Cheng to easily find every acupuncture point on his foot.

With such a fine arrangement, what Du Cheng had to do was to aim at the correct acupuncture points for moxibustion.

Even so, Du Cheng, who was inevitably excited, spent nearly half an hour to positioned twenty-four silver needles into each acupuncture point.

“Please success, please be successful…”

Du Cheng constantly prayed in his heart, even if this moxibustion technique would not cure his disability in a short time, but as long as there was some slight changes, Du Cheng would gain a lot more confidence.

Time passed slowly, and Xiner also helped Du Cheng complete four intermediate tasks. When he got promoted from three star to four star, Du Cheng finally found out that other than his numbness, there was a slight reaction.

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