Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 7


Chapter 7 – Green Knife

In the headquarters of the China Geek Alliance in Beijing, Green Knife with high depth glasses was watching a group of backstage dramas with great interest.

Green Knife looked like he was in his thirties, and he was a little thin, but still gave people a strong look.

But Green Knife wasn’t his real name. Green Knife was just a code name. Those who could basically enter the Geek inner forum knew that Green Knife was not only one of the three moderators of the Geek Alliance inner forum, he was also one of the only two nine-star hackers in the forum.

“This XXM is a bit strange. he has completed nearly 20 tasks in an hour, and each task took less than three minutes. How did he do it?”

There was an unexpected expression in Green Knife’s eyes. Those tasks were completely a piece of cake for him. However, even if he could crack them, he couldn’t have finished them in an hour. It was already very terrifying to have completed ten or so tasks, yet he did twenty tasks in an hour.

“It seems that this XXM may be a hidden expert, um, let’s test him out.”

Green Knife became interested, and then he responded to the XXM’s three-star geek assessment.

“This is a task for an advanced geek. If he is really a hidden expert, there should be no problem.”

After replying, Green Knife had already had some expectations in his heart.

Among the geeks in the Geek Alliances, there were a lot of low level geeks and intermediate geeks. However, there was a huge disparity among the advanced geeks, there were only 36 advanced geeks compared to thousands of intermediate geeks in the alliance.

Therefore, to be able to discover an advanced geek, Green Knife was very happy and was looking forward to it.

XXM, this was the code name Du Cheng given to himself in the Geek Alliance. Du Cheng did not know that his abnormality had caught Green Knife’s attention. Moreover, he did not know that his upgrade assessment had been upgraded to a higher level. .


Within the ward, Du Cheng, who had waited less than ten minutes, got a reply from the moderator, and Du Cheng’s face became excited.

However, when Du Cheng opened the message, the initial excitement on his face disappeared.

“It’s so hard…”

Just by looking at the assessment assignment Green Knife gave him, Du Cheng already knew that this assessment task was completely different from the tasks he usually received, and the level of difficulty was much higher.

Gray Lion, a recent virus on the Internet, could infect any program in any operating system, resided in the computer’s memory, and continued to infect other programs.

Most importantly, the danger of Grey Lion was that once it was activated, it could overwrite the data on the host’s hard drive and cause the hard drive to fail. It also had the ability to infect the host’s BIOS, causing the computer to fail.

And this task was for Du Cheng to crack this very Gray Lion virus, find a way to prevent it from causing any system damage and file loss.

For a powerful hacker or geek, this Gray Lion virus wasn’t difficult, but for Du Cheng, it was not simple, the most important thing was to protect the owner’s system and data, which increased the level of difficulty even more.

“What’s wrong, my dear master, is this virus difficult?”

Xiner was completely different. For Xiner, this virus was very simple. With her powerful functions and future technology, this little Gray Lion virus, to Xiner, there was no such thing as impossible in her mind.

“Well, for me, it’s a little difficult. Even if I try it seriously, the success rate will probably not exceed 30%.” Du Cheng was being honest, this was indeed a very difficult task.

“Would you like me to help you?” Her master was troubled, obviously Xiner would naturally not stand by and not help.

“For the time being, I will try to crack it. If I can’t, then you can go ahead.”

Du Cheng didn’t want to rely entirely on Xiner because he knew that this kind of dependency was not a good thing for him.

“Okay, Xiner will simulate a virtual system for you to try it out” Xiner’s main program basically couldn’t be infected by any virus, but if she wanted to test the virus, she also had to simulate the system of this era.

Du Cheng nodded. After Xiner simulated the virtual system, Du Cheng directly let the virus infect the virtual system, and then devoted himself to crack this Gray Lion virus.

Du Cheng was still very skilled at cracking viruses. Although the virus was very strange, but in the end, the process was still the same, but the time required would be much longer than cracking a simple virus.

Time passed quickly. Finally, at about one o’clock in the afternoon, Du Cheng finally finished cracking the Grey Lion virus. However, this task, Du Cheng knew that with his current level, he had already failed.

The reason was simple, although he cracked the Gray Lion virus, but he couldn’t completely save all the infected files, so Du Cheng’s task could be said that it was a failure.

“Xiner, here, it seems that I still need your help.”

After two hours of hard work, Du Cheng knew that he had learned a lot. The most important thing was that he knew that if he could solve a few more problems, he could definitely complete this task, but under time restriction, Du Cheng had to hand it over to Xiner.

Moreover, Du Cheng needed money now, although in terms of Xiner’s ability, Du Cheng could definitely obtain money through illegal means, and would not leave any traces, but Du Cheng wouldn’t do it.

Fortunately, the Geek Alliance could now meet Du Cheng’s needs for a while, and Du Cheng knew that the amount of rewards would gradually increase from the intermediate level tasks.


“It’s really cracked. It seems that this XXM really has the strength of an advanced geek, although he took a bit longer. It seems that he still has to gain more experience in the intermediate level tasks.

Within the headquarters of the China Geek Alliance, Green Knife who just came back from his lunch, after sitting down, saw the notification that XXM had completed the task.

This made Green Knife more or less confirmed XXM’s strength. If there were more advanced geeks for the China Geek Alliance, to Green Knife, it was still a very exciting thing. Therefore, Green Knife held some expectation toward XXM in his heart.

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