Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Date

Cracking management software wasn’t difficult for Du Cheng.

After downloading the management software program uploaded by the software company, Du Cheng let Xiner switch the OS directly to LINUX and then started cracking.

It was a shell software, although it could be cracked, but it would take a lot longer.

“My dear Du Cheng, do you want to crack this program, do you want my help?”

Looking at Du Cheng, who was using PEID to check, Xiner, who was standing on the right side of the screen, was very interested, and excitedly moved toward Du Cheng.

“Oh, Xiner, you can crack this software?”

When he heard Xiner asked, Du Cheng was surprised, but then Du Cheng found out how idiotic his thinking was. In terms of Xiner’s powerful abilities, cracking such a simple software was simply a breeze.

“Hey, you’re such a simple little girl, this simple software, Xiner can crack it in a second.”

While talking, Xiner’s delicate little lip slightly curved up, and then said: “If it wasn’t for those several abnormalities, Xiner could directly control this Geek Alliance, humph, by then……”

It was undeniable that Xiner was laughing at this time, but because it was Xiner, Du Cheng had no doubts.

Suddenly, Du Cheng came up with an idea, then moved toward Xiner and asked: “Xiner, then can you take over the task and complete it?”

“This is completely no problem, it’s easy.” Xiner confidently said.

“Well, after I finish this task, you will take over for me, and increase my contribution to three hundred points first.”

Du Cheng’s level wasn’t weak. According to his own predictions, his current level was at least as high as the intermediate geeks. Therefore, he wasn’t very interested in these low-level rewards.

Not only would the intermediate reward tasks allow Du Cheng to earn more money, but also gave him more opportunities to research and practice.


By the end of Tian Zhonghe’s lecture, Du Cheng also completed his task and handed the rest to Xiner.

However, looking at Tian Zhonghe glanced at him and then left in anger, Du Cheng could only smile bitterly.

“Du Cheng, what’s wrong with you, is there something going on?”

Gu Sixin came out and then walked to Du Cheng, who was about to leave, and asked him curiously.

With Gu Sixin’s impression and understanding, Du Cheng was undoubtedly an intelligent person who was extremely enthusiastic about learning. Like with today, Gu Sixin could hardly imagine that was Du Cheng.

Looking at Gu Sixin, Du Cheng suddenly remembered the fascinating scene before, although Xiner was only a virtual character, but the impact on Du Cheng was no less than a real person.

“There’s nothing, just a little uncomfortable, it’s okay now.”

At this time, because of Gu Sixin’s sincere concern, all his wild fantasy disappeared.

Seeing Du Cheng was fine, Gu Sixin naturally relieved, but she obviously had something else to find Du Cheng for, “Right, Du Cheng, tomorrow is Saturday, I don’t know if you have time, I… I want you to accompany me to a place.”

After that, Gu Sixin eagerly looked at Du Cheng with a sweet smile on her face.

“Where are we going?”

Du Cheng didn’t immediately agree, but asked after thought about it.

Gu Sixin saw that Du Cheng didn’t refuse, her beautiful little face suddenly burst into a smile like a spring breeze, and said: “Du Cheng, you will know when you get there, you can rest assured that it won’t take you too much time, and if you don’t like it, you can leave at any time.”

“Well, then I will wait for your call.” Du Cheng enjoyed Gu Sixin’s smile. The feeling of spring breeze made Du Cheng feel warm and even addicted.

While Du Cheng was talking to Gu Sixin, one person was quietly standing at the back of the classroom door, just a small distance between Gu Sixin and Du Cheng.

This person was Du Yunlong, what Gu Sixin and Du Cheng said, Du Yunlong heard them clearly.


Du Yunlong coldly snorted, his eyes were cold: “With a hybrid like you, wanting to date Sixin, dream on, watch how I will destroy you when you get there.”

If his heart thought this way, which meant that Du Yunlong already had plans. In terms of Du family’s power in F City, Du Yunlong understood it clearly.


Du Cheng didn’t know of Du Yunlong’s plan. After leaving the school, Du Cheng went directly to the hospital.

As always, Du Cheng packed some simple meals in the dining hall of the hospital for lunch, and then took the elevator directly to the 16th floor.

“Hey, Du Cheng, why are you so happy today?”

Su Hui was wiping Du Cheng’s mother body when she saw Du Cheng coming in. So she suddenly asked.

In Su Hui’s mind, Du Cheng was a child with few words. But today, Du Cheng was constantly smiling, although it was very faint, but Su Hui could obviously see it.

“Am I?”

This kind of faint smile from the heart, so even Du Cheng did not notice.

“Young people, you should smile more.”

Su Hui did not say anything else in this regard. She viewed Du Cheng like half a son. Seeing Du Cheng was happy, she was also very happy.

“Come here, have some red jujube chicken soup. You came just right, it’s still hot, let’s drink it first.” Su Hui let go of the matter at hand, and then brought a heat preservation box to Du Cheng from the table on one side while talking, and handed to Du Cheng.

“Thank you, aunt Hui.”

Du Cheng knew that his refusal was useless, and Su Hui had not brought any soup to him over the years. Therefore, Du Cheng did not refuse. After thanking her, he took the soup in Su Hui’s hands.

“Well, you should eat first, aunt Hui has to leave work.”

Su Hui was a private nurse, which was slightly different from ordinary nurses. There was no fixed time for work. So, basically, when Du Cheng came, she could go home.


Du Cheng complied, then sent Su Hui out of the ward and closed the door.

The red jujube chicken soup brought by Su Hui was very good. For Du Cheng, who usually only ate some simple snacks, it was undoubtedly rich and delicious.

After finishing the lunch, Du Cheng simply cleaned up, then sat down at the bed and started the routine massage, and opened the virtual screen with his mind.

“Xiner, how are you?”

After Du Cheng cracked the management software and got 200 yuan and 20 points into his pocket, he handed the rest to Xiner. Although it was only an hour or so, Du Cheng was still looking forward to it.

“It’s done, this is a small problem, this young lady could finish it in half an hour.”

Xiner’s avatar appeared in front of Du Cheng, wearing the same dress as Gu Sixin, but her look was the exact opposite of Gu Sixin, Gu Sixin was beautiful, and Xiner was based on Du Cheng’s understanding, a proud little hen with her head up.

“Already done……”

Although he was prepared, Du Cheng was still amazed at Xiner’s speed. At the same time, Du Cheng also opened his profile page and associated bank account.

Among the personal profile page, Du Cheng clearly saw that his contribution had reached 300 points, but had yet to undergo an upgrade review, so the contribution point could no longer be increased.

Within the bank account, the deposit amount had changed from more than 600 to more than 3,000. In just over an hour, Du Cheng’s bank deposit had more than 2,000. (TL: yes, it says 2,000 in the raw…)

More than 3,000 yuan, for Du Cheng, was already a big fortune, because his bank deposit was basically less than five hundred, and it was still enough for daily needs.

With this money, Du Cheng would be able to build a solar receiver to carry out moxibustion.

“Du Cheng, you will undergo the upgrade assessment soon. Thes low level tasks are really too simple. Let me see how those intermediate tasks are.”

Xiner was urging Du Cheng on the side. These low level tasks to her, it was similar to killing chickens with knives.

“Well, then I will apply.”

Du Cheng nodded and then sent an upgrade request to the inner forum administrator through the virtual screen.

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