Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Moxibustion

In the morning, sunlight shone through the cracks of the wooden building on Du Cheng’s face.

Du Cheng’s face was pale and his eyes were bloodshot. Obviously, he didn’t sleep, but his spirit was very excited at the moment.

Throughout the night, Du Cheng finally realized the terrifying power of this smart bio-computer from the future, and also learned a little more about this smart bio-computer.

As the main program of this intelligent bio computer, Xiner almost covered the essence of all fields, and can even be described as omnipotent.

However, what really made Du Cheng excited was another thing.

“Can the moxibustion technique really cure disability, Xiner?”

Although he didn’t sleep all night, but his spirit was still very good. There was a hint of red on his paled face.

Within the virtual screen, Xiner was standing at the corner of the screen. In the middle of the screen was some information about moxibustion and the entire process of treatment for Du Cheng.

However, at this moment, Xiner was no longer wearing the bunny costume, but a set of outfit with more temptations compared to the bunny costume, it wasn’t inferior to the bunny one, but a nurse costume with a miniskirt.

Pointing at the information on the screen, Xiner was very serious as she said: “The moxibustion technique is a combination of acupuncture and heat therapy research developed in 2355 AD. It absorbs sunlight and heat up the acupuncture points on the human body. Through the scan of the meridians to treat your ankles, combined with your physical condition, the success rate is 93%.”

While Xiner was talking, Du Cheng’s body appeared in the virtual screen, but it was naked. His whole body blood vessels were clearly visible, and Xiner was pointing at a place on his body on the virtual screen.

After the introduction, Xiner’s eyes flashed a sly smile, covered her little mouth and laughed: “Yes, my dear Du Cheng, your body is actually very good.”

When Du Chen heard what Xiner said, he was speechless. After a whole night of exchanges, Du Cheng basically classified Xiner’s character as a witch, a little witch.

Therefore, Du Cheng directly ignored Xiner’s last sentence and said: “If you absorb solar energy, then do I need to buy a solar receiver to gather the solar energy?”

Du Cheng was very proficient in electronics and immediately understood the key point.

It was just that the price of the solar receiver was quite high, and the cheapest ones needed more than 2000 yuan. With Du Cheng’s current conditions, it was absolutely impossible to afford.

On the main point, Xiner was very precise, she said: “Well, any solar receivers can be used to guide solar energy for the light acupuncture. Only minor modifications are needed in order to direct solar energy to the instrument for the acupuncture.”


Du Cheng nodded, and then fell into deep thought. Although there were methods, but he had no money for the treatment. So, if Du Cheng wanted to cure his disability, then he needed to find a way to make enough money.

After thinking about it for a long time, Du Cheng used this mind to communicate with Xiner: “Xiner, as long as there is any host and server connected to the network, you can successfully connect and won’t leave any trace, right?”

When Xiner heard what Du Cheng said, she proudly and arrogantly said: “That is of course, who do you think I am, I am an A.I. from 3009 AD.”

After that, Xiner’s expression changed a bit, and said with a hint of disappointment: “Unfortunately, the data on the system is abnormal, Xiner doesn’t have permissions to use some functions. Otherwise, not only can Xiner connect, but can also directly control.”

“Xiner, how do I recover your system?” Du Cheng heard Xiner was saying so, and his heart was full of expectations.

“This is still uncertain, because Xiner has not found out the main reason, but if you give Xiner some time, Xiner should be able to find it.” Xiner shook her head, apparently because of the abnormalities, she couldn’t figure it out.

After thinking about it, Du Cheng took a look at the time on the virtual screen which was synchronized with the real world. It was already past seven o’clock. He quickly said: “Well, time is up, I should go to school too, we will talk later.”

“School, I like it, Xiner wants to see handsome young men. In this era, there are Jin Chengwu and Jin Zaiyuan, Xiner likes them the most, hehe.” Xiner said while drooling, like a typical fangirl.

“Sorry, there is no Jin Chengwu at school and there is also no Jin Zaiyuan, so you have to stay put.” Xiner looked and acted like a human, so Du Cheng could only helplessly say.

After that, Du Cheng ignored Xiner’s objection and set Xiner directly on standby.

The so-called standby mode was to expand the virtual screen of the smart computer, which was outside the blind spot of Du Cheng’s line of sight, and it did not have any influence on Du Cheng’s line of sight.

As for Xiner, she was hidden.

After selecting the standby mode, Du Cheng walked out of the room with his backpack.

Du Cheng lived in a wooden building similar to a courtyard house. Apart from him, it was the landlord family.

One hundred yuan a month was a lot less than the cost of boarding which was nearly two thousand yuan per semester at Futian College. It was a lot less burden for him, although it was far, but the conditions were still alright.


When there was a hundred meters away from Futian College, Du Cheng saw Gu Sixin was standing next to the gate of Futian College with a small bag.

A beige knit white blouse and a long black tie on the neckline of the long shirt. The long hem of the shirt covered just enough of the upper part of her thighs, along with the black skirt, gave a pure and pretty feeling.

The long, rounded legs and the low-heeled sandals dotted with crystals added a touch of sensuality to Gu Sixin, along with the sweet, soft smile on Gu Sixin’s face were enough to call her ‘little male killer’.

From the obsessive look on the face of the boys who passed by, it could be seen that they had been secretly in love with Gu Sixin and purposely stayed at the entrance of the college in order to secretly looked at her.

Gu Sixin also saw Du Cheng. As if she had been waited for him, when she saw him appeared in her sight, she lifted her white legs and moved toward Du Cheng. .

Gu Sixin’s movements undoubtedly caught the attention of the boys around her, but when they saw the other party, the faces of these boys all showed disdain and contempt.

Because they saw him, he was squatting, and was wearing a pair of overly washed white jeans and a pair of running shoes.

From their gazes, Du Cheng came from a poor family, a nobody. They didn’t care, but they were surprised, why did Gu Sixin wait for him here.

“Du Cheng, why are you coming so late today, were you up late?” When Du Cheng approached, Gu Sixin asked with some surprise.

Du Cheng usually arrived at school very early in the morning, and usually arrived earlier than her, so Gu Sixin especially came earlier today. As a result, she did not expect Du Cheng to be even later than usual, for nearly an hour late.

Du Cheng didn’t expect that Gu Sixin was waiting for him at the entrance of the college. He also didn’t know that Gu Sixin had waited for him for more than an hour. He smiled slightly and said: “Gu Sixin, why don’t you go in? Are you waiting for someone?”

While speaking, Du Cheng glanced around with the corner of his eyes, he could feel that the boys next to him were looking at him with a look close to hatred, and several of them at that.

Du Cheng smiled wryly. It seemed that they thought a cripple being so close to Gu Sixin and talking to her is a kind of embarrassment to their goddess.

Gu Sixin smiled sweetly said: “Du Cheng, I was waiting for you.”

After saying those words, Gu Sixin’s little face had a faint blush, gave a very cute and touching feeling. Her little face lowered, almost reached the top of her plump chest.

Gu Sixin’s voice wasn’t loud, but her sweet words were heard clearly by Du Cheng, and along with the slight shyness from her, Du Cheng’s heart was involuntarily beating fast.

The boys on the side, saw the sweet personality of their usual gentle Gu Sixin, at the same time showed a girl’s shy look, one by one felt in daze, but when they saw Du Cheng, the murderous intent in their eyes became even more intense.

But very quickly, Du Cheng forcibly suppressed the strange emotions in his heart, and said with a faint voice: “Gu Sixin, were you waiting for me?”

When Gu Sixin looked up and her eyes landed on Du Cheng’s face, he had already forcibly suppressed the strange look on his face, and Gu Sixin once again invited: “Du Cheng, my birthday next month, I hope that you can come and I will not take up too much of your time.”

He thought for a bit, but he still intended to reject Gu Sixin’s invitation. After all, he is qualified to enter such occasion now. Du Cheng was clear that Gu Sixin’s family is also very good, and compared the Du’s family, it wasn’t be much weaker.

However, when Du Cheng wanted to refuse, he saw Gu Sixin raise her head, there were some mists in her originally clear eyes. Du Cheng felt soft in his heart and said, “I’ll have to check, if I have time, I will go.”

After that, Du Cheng’s gaze fell on the black ring on his finger.

Du Cheng knew that this ring or this smart bio computer from the future would change his destiny, which was another reason why he promised Gu Sixin.

Gu Sixin looked at Du Cheng for a long time, thought that he would refuse again. But when she heard that he didn’t immediately reject her, a gentle and sweet smile suddenly appeared on her little sad face, and then took out an invitation that she had prepared for him from her bag and handed to him and said: “The date is fixed, I hope you don’t miss the appointment.”

The smile of that moment was like the beginning of winter, made Du Cheng’s heartbeat accelerated again, and the boys on the side became even more stupid.

Because Du Cheng felt helpless, he didn’t say that he would definitely go. Gu Sixin already took it as he had agreed. Seeing Gu Sixin’s smile, Du Cheng couldn’t say anything, after receiving the invitation, he helplessly said: “Well, I will remember.”

“Okay, then I will go to class.” After handing the invitation to Du Cheng, Gu Sixin seemed to be very happy. After talking to Du Cheng, she turned and went to class first.

Looking at the invitation in his hand, Du Cheng didn’t rush to open it, because he felt the murderous intents from the boys around seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. At this time, Du Cheng knew that it was better to go first. Otherwise, he would be asking for a beating.

It was just that Du Cheng didn’t know that when he took the invitation from Gu Sixin, a red Ferrari was slowly stopped behind him. Inside the sports car, Du Yunlong was watching Du Cheng coldly, and his eyes were full of jealousy and anger.

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