Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – Future Tech

“Confirming DNA, A.I initializing – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.”

A sweet and soft voice rang out in Du Cheng’s ear. After the 0, Du Cheng saw that there was a TV-sized virtual screen in front of his eyes.

“A.I initialization completed.”

“Please choose your A.I – male and female.”

Then, the sweet female voice rang out again in Du Cheng’s ear, and at the same time, two virtual characters appeared on the virtual screen.

On the left was a man in a black tuxedo, his figure was almost perfect. As for the looks, there was no need to describe. Du Cheng felt somewhat ashamed looking at it, although it was just a virtual character, but it was just too perfect.

On the right, there was a beautiful girl wearing a purple maid dress, like a fairy, a combination of beauty and personality. It made her look like a fairy, and her beauty made Du Cheng feel suffocated.

“Please choose your A.I companion, you can choose it with your mind, or you can touch the virtual screen to make a selection.”

While Du Cheng was still amazed, the sweet female voice came again.

“What do you mean by mind?” Du Cheng thought confusedly.

“The mind is your thoughts, you can use your mind to communicate with the A.I.” The female voice sounded again, and it was the answer to Du Cheng’s thought.

When he heard the answer, Du Cheng couldn’t help but be curious. He tried to say in his mind: “You say I can communicate with you with my thoughts?”

“Yes, you can choose your A.I first, the A.I will answer all your questions.”

“Okay, then I choose the female.” Du Cheng didn’t think that he could really communicate with his mind. As for the answer, it was natural that Du Cheng didn’t want to choose the handsome male who made him feel inferior. A man as your personal assistant, not to mention, he was too perfect.

After Du Cheng selected, the male A.I on the virtual screen disappeared, and the female A.I moved to the middle of the screen.

“Hello, master, thank you for choosing me as your assistant. In order for us to communicate easier, please choose a new name for me.”

The girl on the virtual screen looked very life-like at the moment, she moved toward Du Cheng and revealed a sweet smile, and her voice was very pleasing to the ears.

“Then let’s just call you Xiner.”

her sweet smile reminded Du Cheng of Gu Sixin. Although the girl looked beautiful, but compared to Gusixin’s smile, although both of their smiles were very sweet, but Xin-er gave him a more mechanized feeling.

“Does master want to change the name that Xiner call you?” Xin-er asked again.

“Call me Du Cheng…” Although being called master was very enjoyable, especially from a girl who was so perfect, but Du Cheng still chose to change.

“Du Cheng, please choose Xiner’s personality, or choose a personality that Xin-er generates.”

After giving it some thought, Du Cheng said: “Just choose the personality that Xin-er has generated.”

This Xiner was almost too perfect, so Du Cheng did not want to change anything.

“Setting is completed and the data is saved.”

At this time, the previous female voice sounded again, and then the picture in the virtual screen suddenly became dark, just like the computer restarted. After about three seconds, it was reopened.

When it turned on again, Xiner’s virtual figure appeared again in the middle of the screen, her eyes closed, and the purple dress on her body was gone. Instead, she turned into a rabbit girl.

Her head was covered with long black ears, and she was wearing an unusual sexy bikini. The round and tender breasts seemed as if they would burst out at any time. On her slender legs, the black silk stockings were extremely attractive.

Looking at Xiner, who was purer than an angel, Du Cheng almost had a nosebleed.

Du Cheng looked at Xiner as if she was a full-fledged fairy, both pure and sexy fairy.

Slowly opened her eyes, Xiner looked very life-like, the fascinating brilliance in her eyes were extremely attractive, her face also revealed a sweet smile, no longer looked like a mechanized virtual character.

Her body leaned forward slightly, and the snowy white jade rabbit seemed like about to jump out of the bikini’s parcel. Xiner gently tilted back and placed her white little hand on top of her mouth and blew a kiss toward Du Cheng, then said very flatteringly: “Hi, my dear master, Du Cheng, thank you for choosing Xiner, Xiner really loves you.”

Sweet smile, charming eyes, at this moment, Du Cheng felt that Xiner was like a living person standing in front of him.

After touching his nose and making sure that he didn’t have a nosebleed, Du Cheng raised his hand and pointed his finger at the black ring. “Xiner, what is this?”

This was what Du Chen most concerned about now, so he wanted to know.

Xiner looked at Du Cheng with a feminine look. Her eyes were full of teasing as she replied: “My dear Du Cheng, that’s a smart bio-computer produced in 3009 AD, developed and produced by Black Star Technology Group. And I, I am the main program of this smart computer.”

When he heard the answer from Xiner, Du Cheng was even more puzzled. In XXXXX AD, that was about a thousand years later. How did this smart computer of a thousand years later appear here?

This ring had traveled through time and space…

However, he believed that only the future technology would be able to make such a high-tech bio computer. Du Cheng was very curious about how did this bio computer appear here, so he asked: “Why is it here?”

When Xiner heard Du Cheng’s question, she didn’t answer at first. As if she had crashed as she just stood there. The charming smile on her face also disappeared.

“Abnormal entry and cannot be answered.”

“Abnormal entry and cannot be answered.”

“Abnormal entry and cannot be answered.”

After a full ten seconds, Xiner spoke with a very mechanized voice, her eyes closed. It seemed like she crashed, and it stopped there.

“Hey, cripple, why are you stupidly standing there, did you turn dumb?”

A screaming voice suddenly came from beside Du Cheng, and then a young man wearing a sleeveless shirt and a worn pair of jeans came to him.

There were a few tattoos on the young man’s body, including a yin and yang shaped tattoo, giving a hooligan feel.

Hearing the scream, Du Cheng realized that he had been standing here for a few minutes, but when Du Cheng saw the young man, his face changed slightly.

“Brother Qiang, is there anything?”

Du Cheng recognized this young man. The young man’s full name was Li Qiang. He was a famous hooligan in the Shangbu Pavilion. Although he wasn’t exactly evil, he went around and ask for ransom. Du Cheng had suffered a lot in his hands.

While Du Cheng spoke, the virtual screen in front of him turned transparent. Although it did not disappear, it did not affect Du Cheng’s line of sight.

“You owe me money and haven’t pay back. I have been at odd recently. How can I not find you? So you’re hiding here, hurry up and pay.” Li Qiang had a radish shaped legs, plus his single minded character. His walking posture, gave people a feeling of hooligan, his pair of eyes gazed straight at Du Cheng, gave a sense of extortion.

“I don’t owe you money, and I have no money.” Du Cheng took a step back and said.

The so-called owed money was Li Qiang’s way of extortion. With Du Cheng’s character, it was impossible to borrow money from such people.

“Damn, you still have such a hard mouth, let Laozi teach you a lesson, see if you dare to not pay back.” Li Qiang was obviously used to bullying Du Cheng, plus Du Cheng was a cripple, so definitely not his opponent at all. Even if he wanted to run and he couldn’t run away, so he could do nothing but scared as Li Qiang raised his feet and kicked Du Cheng’s stomach.

With Du Cheng’s ankles, movements were a little inconvenient, how could he avoid Li Qiang’s kick, so he fell on the concrete floor as the kick landed on his stomach.

Li Qiang’s strength was very strong. Du Cheng, who fell on the concrete floor, had a pale expression, which was obviously very painful.

“Say, if you don’t pay back the money, Laozi will also cripple your other foot.” Li Qiang threatened. He didn’t care if Du Cheng was a disabled person. When he spoke, his hand reached toward Du Cheng’s pocket

“I don’t owe you money.” Du Cheng’s face was very pale, his body curled up in a ball, didn’t want Li Qiang to search him.

“Damn, still dare to talk back, look like you still want more beating.” Li Qiang couldn’t search, and landed another kick on Du Cheng’s butt.

Fortunately, his butt was thick, although the kick was heavy, but it wasn’t as painful as the stomach.

“Being attacked by external forces, the defense counterattack system activated.” At this moment, Xiner’s voice sounded again, but it was still a mechanical voice, and Xiner still had no movement, her eyes were still closed.

Du Cheng didn’t understand what Xiner meant about the defensive counterattack system, and didn’t understand why Xiner suddenly became like this. However, Du Cheng didn’t have time to consider and chose yes.

“Defense counterattack mode is activated, entering neural control mode.”

When Xiner’s voice rang again, Du Cheng found that he had completely lost control of his body except for his eyes, and even the pain on his body disappeared.

At this time, Xiner on the virtual screen suddenly opened her eyes, and as if she came back to life, shee turned back to look at Li Qiang through the virtual screen, raised her fist and said: “Bastard, dare to beat my dear Du Cheng, watch how I clean you up.”

When he heard Xiner’s voice, Du Cheng saw very clearly that he “sweeped” his own crippled foot at Li Qiang, who was about to search his body, made him fall down on the ground.

Li Qiang got up from the ground. Du Cheng saw Li Qiang’s face became very angry as he raised his fist and punch toward Du Cheng’s face.

Du Cheng was absolutely incapable of dealing such feat, but he found that his body was very flexible, slightly stepped to the side, and avoided Li Qiang’s punch, and then with a hand knife, heavily chopped on Li Qiang’s back neck.

Being hit by Du Cheng’s hand knife, Li Qiang lost his consciousness and fell on the ground. He seemed to have passed out.

From dodging to counterattacking, it was like a one-shot process, the action was very agile and skilled, even the transition was very smooth, just like a set program.

“How, my dear Du Cheng, is Xiner amazing?” After finished Li Qiang, Xiner on the virtual screen turned her attention to Du Cheng, with a proud expression.

At this time, Du Cheng once again felt the pain in his body, apparently he had restored his body control.

Du Cheng didn’t think that this smart bio computer had this function, so he said: “It’s really amazing.”

After that, Du Cheng glanced at Li Qiang, who was in a coma, and said, “How is he, is he okay?”

“It’s okay, only hit him a few times. he will wake up in a while.” Xiner said confidently. After that, her white palms also made a few hand-knife movements, like she was the one who beat Li Qiang up.

Du Cheng was speechless. Xiner’s character is too human-like. It was almost the same as a normal person except for the body, whether it was her personality or her mood.

But now was not a time to admire this, what Du Cheng had to do now was to leave when no one was there, he did not want to be seen by others and caused misunderstandings.

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