Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – A Strange Ring

In the afternoon, there was only one compilation course, which was a big class with three of the computer department classes combined. In order to avoid Du Yunlong and Gu Sixin, Du Cheng delibrerately sat in the remote corner of the classroom.

During class, Du Cheng saw Gu Sixin was looking his way from time to time, but whenever she looked over, Du Cheng shunned by the partition of his computer desk. Du Yunlong was sitting next to Gu Sixin seemed to have found Du Cheng’s position, it was unknown whether it was intentional or unintentional but he blocked Gu Sixin’s sight so that Gu Sixin couldn’t look over at where Du Cheng was.

After class, Du Cheng didn’t rush to leave, but he stayed in the computer classroom. Because he had no computer, the computer classroom became the only place where he could use the computer, so he usually stayed behind after class. Usually, an administrator would stay in the computer classroom until they cut off the power.

After leaving Futian College, the sky was getting dark, the street lights turned on at exactly six o’ clock. Du Cheng carried his backpack and walked along the street toward F City First Hospital.

Du Cheng’s destination was the First Hospital in F City, because his closest relative, his mother, was there.

When Du Cheng was seventeen, his mother fell off the stairs and had been in vegetative state. It had been four years since, and there was still no sign of awakening.

The Du family paid for the medical treatment, because it wasn’t something Du Cheng could afford. So when Du Yunlong laughed at him, Du Cheng could only remain silent. This was the only time he asked money from the Du, it could be said that the only time he asked for money from his shameless father.

After packed a meal in the hospital cafeteria, Du Cheng took the elevator to the 16th floor of the hospital.

Because of the Du family, the hospital arranged a separate ward and a nurse and for Du Cheng’s mother.

When Du Cheng pushed the door open, the nurse was cleaning his mother’s face with a warm towel, her movement was very careful and precise.

The name of the nurse is Su Hui, she was an experienced old nurse. She was very careful and responsible. During these last four years, it was her who took care of his mother.

“Du Cheng, you are here.”

Seeing Du Cheng pushed the door and came in, Su Hui turned toward Du Cheng and greeted him with a caring smile on her wrinkled face.

“Aunty Hui, have you not gotten off work yet?” Du Cheng’s face showed a faint smile, unlike his indifference while facing the Du.

“Well, soon, I thought you’d come soon anyway, since there was no more work, I just waited for you to come before going back to work.” Su Hui washed the towel in her hand and glanced at the fast food box on Du Cheng’s hand, she frowned and said: “Don’t always eat fast food at your age, and you still go to school. Let me invite you to go out and eat something delicious and more healthy, it’s better for your body.”

“No need, Aunt Hui, next time, you should go back.” Du Cheng knew Su Hui’s situation. It wasn’t that her family was poor, but they don’t have money. She had two children in school and one in college. In high school, there were many places where money was needed.

Su Hui seemed to know what Du Cheng was thinking. She looked at Du Cheng and showed some affection and said: “Silly child, what kind of money is needed for a meal, how about this, I’ll make some extra food and bring it for you tomorrow to eat.”

Du Cheng knew that Su Hui had always treated him like her son. She usually brought some foods for him to eat. He couldn’t refuse her goodwill, so he could only nod.

Seeing Du Cheng nodded, Su Hui also pushed her nursing cart out.

Du Cheng finished his fast food in two to three minutes, and after washing his face in the bathroom in the ward, he sat next to the hospital bed.

Ever since his mother became a vegetative person, Du Cheng had been looking for a way to wake her up. Among all the methods, all Du Cheng could do was stay by his mother’s side, and use his affection to try wake her up. So everyday, Du Cheng would take his time to come to the hospital to talk with his mother.

“Mom, I was dismissed from my job today. Du Yunlong is still like that. As soon as I find something new, he will be the first to interfere.”

“In F city, the Du family has the power, who doesn’t afraid of the Du family? Fortunately, I should also thanks Du Yunlong, thanks to him being a smartass, how could he know, because of his interference, the boss who dismissed me today gave me my salary, and even gave me a little more…”

“And, mom, do you remember the girl I told you last time? Her name is Gu Sixin. Actually, I like her very much, her gentle smile gave a very warm feeling.”

“Mom, Sixin, she invited me to attend her birthday party today, I really want to go, really.”

“But I still refused her invitation, because I know I am not qualified, at least not now, her family is not worse than the Du’s. I am a poor brat, if I go, she will be embarrassed.”

When mentioning Gu Sixiin, Du Cheng felt a bit stunned, a bit lost, but slowly, from big to small, and his heart also became stronger and stronger.

“Mom, when will you wake up? If you wake up, we will go to other places. Even if we can’t afford it, we can always hide. When you wake up, let’s go to Dali. Dali is really beautiful…”

Du Cheng spoke as he gave his mother a massage. When he finished, he found out that more than two hours had passed quietly, and the lights in the ward were gently turned off. He lifted his backpack and walked outside the ward.


Du Cheng was living in an old style residential area called Shangbu Pavilion in Chengguan, where the buildings were old wooden buildings and the some of the oldest buildings in F City.

Shangbu Pavilion was far from the hospital and also far from Futian College. It would take at least 15 to 20 minutes to walk. There was also a ring shaped river in the middle which separated the old pavilion from the bustling modern city.

On both sides of the road, one side was brightly lit, pedestrians and vehicles were moving back and forth, while on the other side, it was very dark, except for a few very dim street lights, there was not a single pedestrian on the street.

Du Cheng went back and forth on this road every day. Although the street lights were dim, he was very familiar with the road conditions. He walked along the side toward the ring road ahead, as long as he reached the end, that was where the pavilion was.

Du Cheng remembered the way Gu Sixin invited him today while he was walking on the concrete road next to the ring river. Du Cheng knew that he wanted to accept the invitation, but there was no way. He couldn’t afford a formal clothes for such occasion, furthermore, what to bring to attend such party.

There was a bitter smile on Du Cheng’s face, he shake his head and seemed to want to dispel the pain in his heart.

At this moment, Du Cheng suddenly felt a pain in his head, as if he was hit by a hard object.

Under the pain, Du Cheng quickly moved his hand to his head and touched it. There was a warm and wet feeling on his hand. Du Cheng retracted his hand and looked at it, it was blood.

“Who threw something at me?”

His first reaction was someone was playing a joke on him, or who was after him. He was a cripple, so sometimes some naughty kid would throw stones at him, even some young people would do the same. It could be said that Du Cheng got used to it.

However, when he looked around, he found that there was no one around, not even a ghost.

If there was no one, then he could only find the ‘killer’.” Du Cheng turned his attention to the rough paved road. Immediately, he found a dent about two meters in front of him. The ‘killer’ that hit his head.

It was a black ring that was not obvious in the dark, but it was still very easy for Du Cheng to find on a clean road.

The shape of the ring was very strange, with a discordant diamond shape, and its body was completely black. It was completely different from those common gold and silver rings, and gave a very mysterious feeling.

Picking up the ring, Du Cheng found that the ring was warm, just like jade, there was no icy texture of metal at all, and there were small lines engraved on the black ring. The lines looked like a circuit that was densely packed together.

“What kind of ring is this, why is it so strange?”

Du Cheng took another look around and determined that there was no one else, which was very strange and made him muttered to himself.

Curiously, Du Cheng looked at the ring on his hand and put it on his index finger on his left hand.

As soon as he put the ring on his finger, Du Cheng suddenly felt as if there were a lot of needles hidden in the ring, deeply pierced into his index finger, and the pain almost caused him to faint.

Du Cheng could clearly felt that the ring was like sucking his own blood, and tightly connected to his finger, no matter what he did, he couldn’t pull the ring out.

Just when Du Cheng was still incomprehensible, another strange scene happened again.


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