Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – Du Yulong’s Anger

Outside Futian College, Du Cheng, wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans, was waiting for Gu Sixin’s arrival. To prevent Xiner from destroying his first “date” with Gu Sixin, Du Cheng placed her on standby mode.

With a set of clothes that did not add up to more than two hundred dollars, it is undoubtedly the cheapest in Futian College, which had the title of an aristocratic college. But for Du Cheng, this set of clothes was his most expensive one.

Because there was no money, Du Cheng’s clothes were basically bought from a stall, the most expensive was a pair of three-fold shoes he bought and was currently wearing, which was less than a hundred dollars.

However, Du Cheng wasn’t too concerned about his dress. He wasn’t a rich man. Therefore, he would not swell his face to fill the fat, nor would he care about what others felt. Not to mention, the disdains he received over the years were already comparable to others for a lifetime.

Gu Sixin didn’t make Du Cheng wait for long, in less than five minutes after he got there, Gu Sixin’s tall figure appeared in front of him.

Her fluffy hair, together with the white earrings the white earrings hung on her two ears with the shape of silvery crescent moon, looked very elegant. Gu Sixin had no habit of doing makeup, she just lightly painted a pale lip gloss on her lips, and curled her eyelashes.

And she was just wearing a white T-shirt with a Mickey Mouse logo, together with a pair of tight-fitting jeans that showed off her slender legs, as well as a pair of white boots, but it matched well with what Du Cheng was wearing.

It was just that in Du Cheng’s eyes, but it was not as good as the kind and gentle smile on Gu Sixin’s face.

Some people were born with a spotlight that could attract others’ attention. Undoubtedly, Gu Sixin was one of the best.

Although it was the Saturday, there were still many students coming and going outside of Futian College, and with the arrival of the smiling beauty, Gu Sixin, one of the three beauties of Futian College, was undoubtedly caused all men around to look at her.

“Du Cheng, I am sorry, I have kept you waiting.”

Seeing Du Cheng, she approached him with an apologetic expression, saying that if it wasn’t for applying the lipstick before going out, she would actually be earlier than Du Cheng.

“It doesn’t matter, I have just arrived.”

Du Cheng lightly smiled, smile is a very easy step to start a relationship between two people, seeing Gu Sixin’s gentle smile, Du Cheng found that both his body and mind involuntarily relaxed by a lot.

At the same time, Du Cheng could already feel that there were at least dozens of disdainful, angry and envious eyes glaring at him. Even for him, who had already gotten used to it, could still hear some of the boys’ ridiculous insults, but he had been numb after all these years, so he simply did not move.

Hearing Du Cheng’s response, the smile on Gu Sixin’s face became even brighter, she said: “Let’s go, we’ve agreed over the phone, let’s go eat, but Du Cheng, are you really going to invite me to dinner? ”

Du Cheng smiled and said, “Well, as long as you don’t mind the low-grade place.”

“I’m not a picky eater, even if you treat me to a two dollars bowl of noodle, it’s fine.” Gu Sixin knew that Du Cheng was joking, and she knew how his situation, naturally it was impossible for Du Cheng to ask her to any upscale restaurant, not to mention Gu Sixin was not the kind of woman who liked to pursue vanity.

“Then let’s go.”

Du Cheng certainly ccouldn’t take Gu Sixin to eat two dollars bowl of noodle, but Du Cheng didn’t say anything. After talking to Gu Sixin, they move toward the direction of the center street, which was the most lively place in F city.

Right after Du Cheng and Gu Sixin left, a red sport car parked in the distance corner loudly charged into entrance of the college. Inside the sport car, Du Yunlong was watching Du Cheng and Gu Sixin with the eyes full of sorrow.

“Damn hybrid, with your quality, you want to date with Sixin, dream on.”

Du Yunlong said wickedly, and while talking, he had already taken out his mobile phone and dialed a number.


Along the direction of the central street, while walking side by side with Gu Sixin, Du Cheng talked about some interesting things happened in the school.

Du Cheng’s eloquence was very good. After the re-development of his brain domain, his mind became even more clear. Gu Sixin was also a talkative girl. The two were talking and laughing, as if they were friends who had known each other for many years.

Du Cheng deliberately kept the distance between Gu Sixin and avoided bodily contact. It wasn’t because Du Cheng had an inferiority complex and didn’t dare to get too close to Gu Sixin, but he didn’t want people to look at Gu Sixin strangely due to the fact that he was a cripple.

But even so, Du Cheng was already very satisfied, being so close to look at Gu Sixin, her fair and beautiful face was like a white jade, Du Cheng felt like being in a dream.

“Du Cheng, what are you looking at?”

Gu Sixin didn’t realize the Du Cheng’s intention, so she turned toward Du Cheng and asked curiously.

Because she found out that Du Cheng was still looking for something while talking, she was a bit curious.

“I am looking for a place, it seems to be near here.”

Du Cheng looked all around. Soon, his gaze fell on a small old shop with a very simple decoration, and he thought: “More than three years, I didn’t think that this small shop is still here.”

After thinking about it, Du Cheng moved toward Gu Sixin and said, “Gu Sixin, let’s go, that’s the place.”


Gu Sixin nodded and didn’t hesitate because of the simplicity and the oldness of the small shop.

However, she was a bit curious, because Du Cheng wasn’t simply looking for that small shop, it seemed that this small shop meant something to him, but after entering the small shop, Gu Sixin moved closer to Du Cheng and said: “Du Cheng, were you looking for this A Fat shop?”

A fat little shop, it was the name of this small shop.

“Well, my mother specially took me here to celebrate my 16th birthday.”

Du Cheng was recounting his memories, at that time, his mother spent the night time to go to the paper factory to work overtime, earned more than two hundred dollars, bought a new set of clothes for him and had a big meal with him.

It was the last memory of his mother. His mother’s body wasn’t good, and she forced herself to work overtime at night. And finally, she fell off the stairs when she came home from work. After that, never woke up again.

Du Cheng’s eyes were a bit red, but fortunately he quickly controlled his emotions, then took Gu Sixin to a two-person table in the corner of the shop and whispered: “At that time, I was sitting here with my mother, hehe.”

Although Du Cheng deliberately suppressed his emotions, Gu Sixin found some sadness in his eyes. Gu Sixin thought that he was blaming himself, so she apologetically said: “I’m sorry, Du. Cheng, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s been so many years anyway.” Du Cheng lightly smiled, dissipated the sadness in his heart, and then pulled out the chair for Gu Sixin and said, “Sit down, although this place might be simplistic, but the foods are still ok.”

“Ok.” Gu Sixin nodded and placed her handbag in front of her and sat down.

Du Cheng sat down the opposite of Gu Sixin, but he did not idle, he directly took a few napkins from the side of the carton and helped Gu Sixin clean her side of the table.

Watching Du Cheng’s movements, Gu Sixin felt a bit of happiness in her heart, but her eyes seemed to be hiding something, and Du Cheng didn’t catch it because he was still cleaning the table.

On the side, the auntie of the small shop saw Du Cheng and Gu Sixin sat down, she took the menu and moved toward the two people.

It was just that the auntie’s eyes were a bit weird. She took a look at Du Cheng and glanced at Gu Sixin, then slightly shook her head.

That little action did not escape Du Cheng’s eyes, he knew why the auntie shook her head, naturally it was inseparable with his own disability and Gu Sixin’s beauty, but Du Cheng did not care, he took the menu and gave it to Gu Sixin and said: “Gu Sixin, you choose.”


Gu Sixin took the menu and opened it. She simply ordered a few simple dishes and a bowl of oyster tofu soup along with two bowls of white rice.

While they were talking, the food was quickly brought up. Gu Sixin was a rich girl, but these simple meals weren’t the same as what she usually ate, but like Du Cheng said, although this was a small shop, the dish was really good, but it could use a bit more MSG.

While Du Cheng and Gu Sixin were having lunch, there were a few special guests at the door of the shop.

Six young men, dressed like hooligans, obviously people who had been mixed in the society, came in. A seemingly leading young man first glanced at the situation inside the small shop, then with a smirk, he moved toward the direction where Du Cheng and Gu Sixin were and sat down at the big table next to the two.

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