Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Speed

Before his brain was redeveloped, Du Cheng’s learning speed could only be described as ordinary people. His comprehension ability was slightly better than that of ordinary people. However, after the re-development of his brain, after reaching 10.2%, Du Cheng’s learning speed became terrifying. It could only be described as terrifying.

Regardless of any unfamiliar fields, Du Cheng could quickly master and integrate as long as it was learned from the beginning, without any bottlenecks.

Du Cheng first learned about the various categories in the field of wisdom. It was necessary that Du Cheng needed to learn all about it. However, since he was more into computer science, Du Cheng first studied this aspect.

With Xiner’s guidance on the side, coupled with the hand-on demonstration, Du Cheng’s learning speed was very amazing.

And Du Cheng had calculated. He only needed to learn the knowledge within the next three years. Some would extend to five or ten years. As for ten years later, Du Cheng would not think about it for the time being.

Time passed slowly. Du Cheng studied for nearly three hours. After the sun down, Du Cheng ended his first study.

During the three hours, Du Cheng’s disability was getting better and better, although it still wasn’t function well, but with Xiner’s guarantee, Du Cheng was still very reassured. .

In addition, Du Cheng’s bank deposit had increased to nearly 12,000. Although Xiner was constantly guiding Du Cheng, but Xiner’s powerful abilities, she could help Du Cheng while completing the intermediate tasks in the background.

“Xiner, can you simulate the Grey Lion virus again? I want to see how long it will take me to crack this time, and whether I can save all of the original files in the system.”

After carefully removing the silver needle from his foot, Du Cheng did not rush, but turned toward Xiner.


As Du Cheng’s smart companion, Xiner was naturally very happy with Du Cheng’s growth, so when she heard Du Cheng’s request, Xiner did not hesitate and simulated the one that Du Cheng did during the assessment.

Thus Du Cheng once again started working on cracking of the Grey Lion virus and protecting of the system.


In the headquarter of the China Geek Alliance, Green Knife carefully watched the data from the backstage of the Alliance forum, with an incredible look.

Although he had been paying attention to XXM, Green Knife did not expect that when he went out for a trip, the XXM left him a big surprise.

A mid level reward mission every twenty minutes, all types of task were involved, from beginning to end without any interruption.

This was a change for Green Knife, he knew he couldn’t do it, because every powerful geek was basically good at only one aspect, some were good at programming, some were good at cracking, some were building, etc. But it was extremely rare to have someone involved in various fields like XXM.

“It seems that this XXM should be able take over the upgrade assessment for the advanced geeks very quickly. I’m really looking forward to see what kind of geek he is…”

It could be said that Green Knife was one of most cutting-edge figure in China’s geeks. He was not a small person who liked to act arrogant. On the contrary, Green Knife was more willing to see the rise of a new star.

Advanced geeks, this was a symbol of the geek identity, and could also take over a variety of tasks for high leveled tasks. If one could reach the top level geek, many famous electronic tech companies would invite them to do research and development together.

Just like Green Knife, if he was willing, he could receive a job with the salary of more than one million.

There was only a very small number of high level geeks or top level geeks in a country. Therefore, it was undoubtedly a very exciting thing for Green Knife to see the rise of a new star.


Twenty minutes, it took less than twenty minutes, Du Cheng had already completed cracking the Grey Lion virus, and successfully protected all the files, no doubt, Du Cheng had improved greatly in only less than half a day.

“There are still some aspects that haven’t mastered. If I fully mastered them, I should be able to be crack it within ten minutes.”

The result was already very good, but Du Cheng was not satisfied, his real goal was to be able to crack the Gray Lion virus in ten minutes.

“This is nothing, according to your current learning speed, in no more than ten days, you should have the strength of a senior geek, and an all-rounder at that.” Xiner confidently said, as if this small virus was naturally not in her eyes.

“Well, it’s getting late now, let’s go to the hospital.”

Du Cheng nodded. He knew what it meant to be a top level geek. If he was still the old Du Cheng, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to reach the top level geek in ten years, but now he had full confidence.

The top level task rewards were very high. For Du Cheng without any capital, the top level task rewards would be his first bucket of gold and capital in the true sense, so what he needed the most now was to reach the top level geek.

Only with the capital, Du Cheng could completely get rid of the Du family and stood on the opposite stage of the Du family, but at the moment, he was not in a hurry, because he was now like a sponge, unceasingly absorbing all kinds of ultra-modern knowledge.

And this was his real capital.

After finishing with Xiner, Du Cheng put Xiner into standby mode, and he moved the modified solar receiver back into the room before leaving the courtyard.

In between, Du Cheng found something that made him very happy, that was, his body became much more flexible, and the impact of the original injury had disappeared, he was much better than he was before, obviously it had to do with the development of his own brain domain.

After packing some meals in the hospital cafeteria, Du Cheng went directly to the 16th floor of the hospital.

It was already over six o’clock at the time. Su Hui had already left half an hour ago. Although she normally would wait until Du Cheng came to the hospital and then left, but after all, she had a family, she still needed to go home to cook dinner for her husband. So seeing that Du Cheng didn’t come, she waited until six o’clock before she left.

After eating a simple dinner, Du Cheng asked Xiner to pick up some tasks at his level, he needed raise his level to five-star, before submitting an application for the advanced geek.

Xiner happily took the lead, and Du Cheng started his routinely massage for his mother, to keep her muscle from degeneration due to long bed rest.

Du Cheng stayed in the hospital for a few hours. For Du Cheng, who had a smart bio computer from the future, he only needed a place to sit down, no matter it was the wooden house he rented, it was the same in this hospital, but Du Cheng naturally spent some time there to accompany his own mother.

So Du Cheng stayed close to 12 am before he left the hospital.

In the more than five hours staying in the hospital, Xiner also helped Du Cheng completed 13 intermediate tasks, and his bank deposits had reached nearly 30,000. It could be said that Du Cheng had never been in contact with such a huge amount of money.

At the same time, Du Cheng’s geek alliance forum contribution had reached the limit of five-star geeks, he only needed to take the upgrade assessment to become a true senior geek.

In addition, Du Cheng also had a lot of improvement toward his own studies in that more than five hours. According to his own predictions, he had already fully mastered and learned all the courses in Futian College and began to study higher level courses.

In order to test his progress, Du Cheng once again tried to crack of the Grey Lion virus before leaving the hospital.

This time, Du Cheng only took seven minutes from start to finish, nearly three minutes faster than what he expected.

Even Du Cheng himself didn’t know that even Green Knife of the Geek Alliance Headquarter couldn’t crack the Gray Lion virus in seven minutes, because in terms of the strength, Green Knife was the fastest, his strength was purely on manual cracking, and would take at least nine to ten minutes.

Of course, it didn’t mean that Du Cheng was already better than Green Knife, but because Du Cheng was already very familiar with the Gray Lion virus, and his thoughts became more flexible than an average person by several times after the brain development, even his nerve reaction speed was several times faster. With such innate advantages, coupled with the familiarity with the virus, Du Cheng would naturally able to crack the Gray Lion virus a lot faster than others.

After completing the test, Du Cheng directly left the hospital and returned to the old courtyard house in Shangbu Pavilion.

At the beginning, Du Cheng had no money. In order to save money, he rented an old courtyard house far away from the hospital and Futian College. But now, Du Cheng knew that he no longer needed to live in that old courtyard. .

What Du Cheng needed most at the moment was a place that could help him study. So, on the way back, Du Cheng was already planning to go to Futian College or the hospital to see if there were any suites to rent. With that, he wouldn’t need to go far, whether to Futian College or to the hospital.

In addition, Du Cheng had an idea in mind that he must first earn enough money to move his mother out of the hospital, so that he could completely separate himself from the Du.

It was just that it wasn’t easy, Du Cheng needed to take one step at a time.


The next day was Saturday, Du Cheng didn’t have any class, but he didn’t sleep much, although last night he stayed up till three in the morning to study, but the next day, Du Cheng still woke up. .

The air in the morning was very good, and the sun didn’t feel too hot, there was even a bit of comfortable feeling to it.

After Du Cheng walked out of the courtyard and bought some simple breakfast, he moved the solar receiver to the courtyard and started another session of moxibustion.

Today was the day that Du Cheng made an appointment with Gu Sixin. He didn’t know what Gu Sixin was looking for and didn’t know when. So Du Cheng didn’t plan to go out, and opened the webpage and started looking for rental information in F city.

Looking at Du Cheng, who was browsing for rental information, Xiner appeared on the side of the screen, looked very excited, she moved toward Du Cheng and asked: “Du Cheng, are you going to find a new house?”

Who said that computer program did not need to rest, watching Xiner yawned, Du Cheng suspected that Xiner also slept, the most important thing was that he didn’t know when, but on Xiner’s body, there was a slightly transparent tulle pajamas.

Although she was just a virtual character, but her fascinating and graceful figure was looming under the cover of the transparent pajamas, and it was extremely attractive.

Du Cheng didn’t dare to look directly. Who knew what the little witch would do, so Du Cheng forced his attention to the renting information, and nodded: “Well, it is far from the school and the hospital, and it is quite remote. I want to find a house that is close to the school or the hospital.”

“That’s great, there will be a new house to live in.” Xiner was obviously very happy and looked very excited.

Du Cheng lightly smiled, and then began to find the right house with Xiner, and quickly saved a few targets.

Du Cheng was looking for single apartments. The monthly rents of these single apartments were not very expensive, between 800 and 1500, and they were all finely decorated, but there weren’t many furniture and appliances.

Of course, Du Cheng also needed to go to those houses to look first, but he wasn’t anxious, so he first let Xiner write down the information and contact methods for those houses, and then directly open the inner forum of the geek alliance and accessed his personal user space and related private accounts.

Yesterday Du Cheng’s forum contribution had reached the limit of five-star geeks, and even Xiner, did not know and helped Du Cheng with a few tasks, Du Cheng’s deposit had almost reached 50,000.

Du Cheng was not too concerned about the change in the amount of the deposits, because he knew that the 50,000 would be a small amount for him in the future, so he would not be over-excited by this small amount of money.

What’s more, after reaching the advanced geek, the rewards for those high-level tasks would be higher. He would only need to do a few high level tasks, and there would be tens of thousands of income.

“Du Cheng, do you want to apply for the upgrade assessment now? This miss can show her skills again.” Xiner thought that Du Cheng would start applying for an upgrade assessment, so he arrogantly said.

“No need to hurry, let’s slow down for one or two days. We are going too fast. If you have time, you can take a task once every few hours.” Du Cheng shook his head.

From yesterday till now, Xiner had helped Du Cheng with over 40 intermediate tasks. If they keep up with that speed, it was obviously not a good thing.

“Okay, anyway, those intermediate tasks were too simple, it wasn’t difficult at all.” Xiner said with a relaxed face, but as Xiner said, those intermediate tasks, although they were varied, but for her, they weren’t difficult at all.

“Well, then let’s resume the yesterday course.”

Du Cheng nodded and began to study again under Xiner’s guidance.

The lessons in the wisdom field was very simple, and Du Cheng only needed to constantly absorb and master it.

But when Du Cheng started to learn the other three areas, it was no longer so simple. Whether it was art, body or morality, Du Cheng not only needed to absorb and master, in addition, he needed real practices. That’s right, unlike the wisdom field, which everything could be done on the virtual screen.

Around 11 o’clock, Du Cheng’s cell phone finally started ringing, and the caller ID was Gu Sixin.

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