Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – Terrifying Potential

Du Cheng, who closed his eyes, felt that his brain suddenly blanked out, and he suddenly lost his consciousness for a moment at that moment.

Then, suddenly xiner voiced out loudly: “It’s weird…”

“Xiner, what’s wrong?” Du Cheng, who regained his consciousness, looked at Xiner in the virtual screen, and asked in a confusing tone.

A series of fantastic radio waves and digital data appeared in front of Du Cheng. Xiner looked very seriously at the group of radio waves and digital data that even Du Cheng could not understand, then seriously told him: “Your brain domain development value is higher than an average person which has reached 6.5%. However, your potential value is somewhat exaggerated. Normally, a normal human is generally at most between 10% and 20% and will not exceed 40%, but your potential value is actually more than 50%, perhaps even higher.”

Du Cheng’s original brain domain development value was only 6.5%, but if he could develop 50% or more, his brain domain development value could breakthrough the historical 10%, although Du Cheng was unclear regarding the 10% brain domain development, but he was already looking forward to it.

Therefore, Du Cheng turned toward Xiner and asked: “Xiner, do you mean that there’s a chance that my brain can break through that 10%?”

“Hmph, if you can develop again, your brain domain development value will most likely be fixed between 10.1% – 10.3%.”

Xiner was very happy that she’s no longer needed to use the brain amplitude method to increase Du Cheng’s brain development, because the brain amplitude method would cause some damage to the brain.

Du Cheng obviously had another incomprehensible point and thus directly asked: “Xiner, what is the difference after the brain have developed 10% or more?”

“Let’s say that a person with a brain development value of 7% will have a prominent ability in memory, observation and comprehension. One with a brain development value of 8% will be better, and those who reached 9% will be even more prominent.”

After paused for a moment, she went on and said: “Like Einstein, his brain development value has reached an amazing value of 9%, so he could achieve out of the ordinary achievements in different fields, even if it is more than a thousand years in the future, there aren’t many that can reach his height.”

“What about 10%?” As he heard Xiner said so, Du Cheng was already looking forward to it.

“If it is 10%, whether it is memory, observation ability or understanding ability, it will 50% or more better compared to 9%. However, since the dawn of mankind, it is impossible to achieve 10% by nature.”

What Xiner said was correct. If there was no further development, Du Cheng’s real brain development would actually be only 6.5%. Du Cheng was also clearly understood why this was only disclosed after year 3000. Because if this knowledge was made public, afraid that in a short period of time, a lot of amazing characters would be created. At that time, this world would fall into chaos.

Seeing that Du Cheng was deep in thought, Xiner once again became serious and said: “Du Cheng, you have to remember that 10% brain development will only give you a better starting point than others, but in the end, it all depends on your own efforts. Otherwise, even if your have 100% brain development, it is of no use.”

“I know this, Xiner, let’s get started now, I have been looking forward to it…”

Du Cheng didn’t even think about it, but his words were already full of incomparable excitement.


Xiner complied, and then told Du Cheng to close his eyes again.

As he closed his eyes, Du Cheng lost conscious again.

On the virtual screen, there was another set of extremely chaotic radio waves and digital data. Xiner was looking at it very seriously, and a series of commands was sent out from her mouth.

With Xiner’s commands, the incomprehensible radio waves slowly stabilized, and those set of data also started to update faster. Although it was impossible for the human eyes to follow, but to Xiner, in fact, it was nothing.

The whole process lasted for nearly ten minutes, and Du Cheng lost consciousness for nearly ten minutes. When those chaotic waves turned flat, and the fast-moving set of data stopped flashed, Xiner also completed Du Cheng’s brain domain redevelopment.

10.2%, that was Du Cheng’s brain development value after the redevelopment, which was almost the same as Xiner’s original speculation.

Du Cheng, at that time, recovered his senses and slowly opened his eyes.

Just as Du Cheng opened his eyes, he found that the sun above the sky turned out to be more dazzling than usual, which made him unable to open his eyes for a while, and he also felt a slight pain along with a feeling of dizziness in his brain.

“Xiner, was it successful?”

While letting his eyes adjust to the dazzling sunlight, Du Cheng couldn’t wait and asked.

“Relax, who do you think I am,” said Xiner, who completed her task, once again restored to her very proud look.

While they were talking, Du Cheng gradually adapted to the dazzling sunlight. However, he also noticed something out of ordinary, that was his vision. Du Cheng found that his vision was much better than usual, even his hearing seemed to be much better.

“Xiner, why are my vision and hearing seem to have improved a lot than before. Is this related to brain development?” Unable to understand, Du Cheng naturally asked.

“Vision and hearing are parts of observation., it is normal to have improvement. With 10.2% brain development, your vision can be nearly twice as high as that of ordinary people. At the same time, you can also have dynamic vision. Dynamic vision refers to the eyes, when you observe a moving target, you can capture the image, decompose, and perceive a moving target. You only need to look and will understand.”

As Xiner was talking, there were some changes in the virtual screen, although it was much slower than what he had seen before, it wasn’t something that ordinary people could see.

If it was before the redevelopment, Du Cheng would absolutely be unable to see the flashing data, but at the moment, Du Cheng found that he could easily capture the exact number of any of the flashing data.

With an unbelievable expression on his face, he then asked: “Xiner, what about hearing?”

“Hearing improvement, in addition to allow you to listen farther, the most crucial thing is to greatly enhance the ability to listen, so that you can hear anything you want to hear even in the chaotic areas.”

At the same time, Xiner generated a set of incomparably chaotic sounds, roaring sounds, car engines, conversations and sounds of animals.

Carefully listening to those sounds, Du Cheng’s face quickly revealed a surprised look, because among those sounds, he found himself could clearly hear the tiny sound of a silver needle fell on the ground.

As Xiner said, not only Du Cheng could hear farther, but he also had the ability to differentiate different sounds that even Du Cheng couldn’t believe himself.

“Xiner, apart from these, is there any other place different than before?” Brain development brought him those benefits, but intuition told Du Cheng that there seemed to be far more than that.

Xiner nodded and said: “Well, in addition to the improvement of vision and hearing, your body’s nerve reflex ability is also about twice as high as before, which will help you learn things with just half the effort, in addition, the rest are hidden, you need to find out and grasp them yourself, of course, that also depends on your own efforts.”

“That’s good enough, Xiner, let’s begin learning about those four areas now.”

Du Cheng wasn’t a person who was afraid of hard work. He could make hundreds of efforts as long as he had the opportunity.

“There is no problem at all. I have already arranged the core route for you. As for the rest, you can choose what to learn. In terms of your current 10.2% brain development level, your learning speed will be at least ten times that of ordinary people.”

At the same time, Xiner presented various different fields of study in front of Du Cheng, and introduced him to the core route of the perfect learning program.

“Ten times faster…”

Du Cheng smiled lightly, he knew that he would also need to pay ten times more effort.

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