Ultimate Intelligence Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – The Du Family

“Du Cheng, this is your three days salary, you don’t need to come tomorrow.”

Three days, only three days, watching the snack bar owner handed him a hundred dollar bill, Du Cheng’s face showed a hint of helpless smile, he didn’t ask why, after receiving the money, he turned around and walked out of the snack bar.

Du Cheng was paralyzed in a car accident. It was treatable, but because he couldn’t afford the high surgery fee, which was why he had been crippled for a long time.

After he got out of the shop, Du Chen saw a red Ferrari sport car parked in front of this rundown snack bar.

A young man was leaning against the door of the sport car, playing with a very refined golden lighter. His two eyes caught a sight of Du Cheng walking out of the snack bar.

The man wasn’t old, only around 21 or 22 years old, very handsome, and wearing a set of Versace casual wear. Together with the Ferrari behind him, he gave a feeling of rich nobleman, especially that faint arrogance in his eyes as if looking down at people from above.

“what’s wrong, Du family’s fourth young master? Selling those fried squid again, a useless guy like you will make our Du family lose face.”

Seeing Du Cheng walked out, the young man smiled lightly, but between his smiles, there were arrogance, contempt, and coldness.

Du Cheng did not pay attention to the ridicule from the young man. He directly walked to the side, his expression looked very normal, as if he was looking at a stranger.

“What’s this attitude, don’t forget, I’m still your third brother.” The young man saw Du Cheng ignored him, he wasn’t angry, but the smile on his face dissipated, and his tone became much colder.

Du Cheng still ignored him with an indifferent look. He walked along the street and toward the school.

Du Cheng was wearing a very cheap shirt and a very cheap pair of jeans. His jeans had been washed until they started turning white, along with a pair of thirty or forty dollars running shoes. They were all bought from the stalls on the street. Everything probably wouldn’t amount to a small piece of clothes on the young man.

However, as the young man said, they were really brother.

The young man’s name was Du Yunlong, the third young master among the third generation of the Du family.

The Du family was a very powerful family in the F city. Ever since they flourished thirty years ago, they continued to raise and three years ago, they became one of the richest with over three billions in assets.

Du Cheng was the same age as Du Yunlong, only three months younger than Du Yunlong.

Normally pregnancy lasted for ten months. If one wanted a second child, it would be a year later. So normally, if Du Cheng is younger than Du Yunlong, it must be at least one year and not three months younger. (TL: the raw mentioned 10 months of pregnancy not 9 lol..)

The reason was very simple, it was because Du Cheng was an illegitimate child.

Although the same last name, but he had no inheritance right, also bearing the title of an illegitimate child of the Du family, he was treated as an outsider and neglected.

“What’s wrong, Du Cheng, became dumb? You shouldn’t think that I abandoned you. You are still a Du, how can you work in this kind of broken place? If others were to know, it would a humiliation to us”

Du Yunlong did not seem to give up persuading the fallen Du Cheng. He slowly opened the car door. The low engine sound was like the sound of nature in others’ ears, but it was a very harsh sound in Du Cheng’s ears.

Looking at Futian College, which was less than fifty meters ahead, Du Cheng stopped thinking about it, and coldly walked toward Du Yunlong, “Have you played enough, Du Yunlong?”

Perhaps it was natural to get along with each other. Du Yunlong liked to mess with Du Cheng from a young age. Du Yunlong would never let Du Cheng to do as he wished, even if Du Cheng got a job, Du Yunlong would prevent it.

Du Chenge, who had a physical disability, wasn’t very easy for him to find a part-time job, but every time he found a job, he was stopped by Du Yunlong. From high school to present, he hadn’t had a long term part-time job in more than four years, at most was more than three days.

In the beginning, Du Cheng was very angry, but now he chose to remain silent, because he knew it’d be useless. He spoke up this time, because he didn’t want Du Yunlong to continue to bother him after he arrived at the school, and also because both of them were studying in the same school.

“Play, how am I playing?” Du Yunlong stepped on the brakes and said in a very arrogant tone: “You have to remember that your surname is Du, you are a member of the Du family, you can starve to death, but you can’t shame our family’s name.”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t say it, no one will know, and no one will believe that I’m a member of the Du family.” These so-called top families, in Du Cheng’s eyes, was nothing to be proud of.

After that, Du Cheng walked toward the entrance of Futian College.

Du Yunlong smiled coldly and said: “There is a kind of bastards who couldn’t take a penny from the Du.”

When Du Yunlong said that, Du Cheng was obviously shocked, what he said was right. He really couldn’t ask for their money. However, Du Cheng chose to remain silent and walked toward the college.

Watching Du Chenge left, Du Yunlong felt a bit boring, he stepped on the gas pedal, the engine roared and rushed to Futian College.

Du Cheng limped and followed, while giving a strong feeling that he could fall at any time.


To be a man, one must grow up.

Du Cheng was only twenty years old, but being an illegitimate child along with being disabled allowed him to experience the pain that many ordinary people had not experienced, it also made his mind more mature than his peers.

Fortunately, when God took away one thing, another thing would be given as a compensation. Although Du Cheng has a disability, but he was very clever.

Du Cheng’s academic performance had always been very good. He had gotten the highest scholarship since he was in high school. This was also why Du Yunlong was jealous of him. Du Yunlong, as a descendant of the Du family, was smart by nature, but when it came to academic achievement or scholarships, he had always been overwhelmed by the hard-working Du Cheng.

As a college with the best teachers, Futian College’s scholarships were very high. Similarly, the tuition fees were also high, and the scholarships received by Du Cheng were basically used for his tuition. There was only a little bit left enough for daily expenses after paying for tuition.

Du Cheng was in the Computer Science and Technology department. It wasn’t far from the entrance of the college. He only needed to walk for five minutes and cross the road in the middle of the college where the magnolia trees were planted to get to where his department was located.

Du Yunlong’s Ferrari parked in the parking lot below the building, but he did not go upstairs. He wasn’t waiting for Du Cheng, but instead he was talking to a girl.

The girl was very beautiful, with dark hair with a natural undulating curves, clear and bright pupil, long eyelashes which trembled slightly, her thin lips were like tender rose petals, and her white has hint of red, she looked like a beautiful crafted doll.

Along with her snow white long skirt against her slender figure, it gave a feeling of incomparable purify, but the most memorable thing was her smile.

She had a very charming smile, sweet and pure, like an angel, enough to gave people a warm feeling.

“Du Cheng, you are here, I was looking for you.”

Seeing Du Cheng came, the girl smiled and moved toward to greet Du Cheng.

Du Yunlong, who always liked trendy Ferrari, had not only have the air of an arrogant young master but also an extravagant spendthrift.

And at this moment, in his hands, there was a red invitational card.

Due to the appearance of Du Yunlong and his dismissal of his part-time job, Du Cheng’s face was originally very indifferent, but when he saw the gentle smile from the girl, the indifference on his face disappeared, as if it was melted away.

“Gu Sixin, is there anything?” Du Cheng asked while looking at the girl.

Gu Sixin was like an angel in the eyes of everyone from the Computer Science and Technology department. Her smile was secretly called the angel’s smile. Those who liked her were enough to cover the entire Futian College.

“This is for you.”

Gu Sixin took out a red invitation from her purse, walked toward Du Cheng with a sweet smile, “The seventh of next month is my birthday, I will have a small party at home. I hope you can come and join.”

When Gu Sixin spoke, Du Yunlong moved toward and shook the invitation from her hands.

Du Cheng completely ignored Du Yunlong’s actions. However, he did not take the invitation from Gu Sixin, but refused, “I might not have time to attend, sorry.”

Gu Sixin seemed to never have been rejected by others, but she still smiled.

“This coward, keep making us lose face, but forget it. It’s better if you don’t go, otherwise I’m afraid we’ll lose face again then.” Du Yunlong seemed to know what Du Cheng would say so he said disdainfully.

Du Cheng knew what Du Yunlong was referring to, this kind of party, which would eventually turn in a showcase for wealthy people who liked to show off. Du Cheng indeed did not have the qualification to participate.

“Du Yunlong, what nonsense are you saying?” Gu Sixin also heard Du Yunlong’s words, there was some anger on her delicate face.

Du Yunlong waved his hand as if nothing had happened and did not say anything.

“Du Cheng, you don’t need to care about what others say, I hope you can really come.” She said that while turned around and once again moved toward Du Cheng, but the smile on her face disappeared because of Du Yunlong’s words. If one was to take a closer look, Gu Sixin’s bright and clear eyes were filled with sincerity.

“Gu Sixin, I really don’t have the time, let’s talk about it later.”

Du Cheng was apologetic, he didn’t wait for Gu Sixin to say anymore, and walked straight past her and moved toward the building.

“Sixin, you don’t need to care about this kind of person. I will send you a very beautiful birthday present and I think you will like it.” Du Yunlong spotted a glimpse look in Gu Sixin’s eyes, and he quickly comforted her and took the opportunity to reach out and put his hand on Gu Sixin’s weak and boneless shoulder.

Gu Sixin didn’t seem to like Du Yunlong’s intimate action, she moved one step to the side to avoid Du Yunlong’s hand, and smiled, “Thank you, Du Yunlong, but I need to go to class.”

After that, Gu Sixin also moved toward the building.

Being avoided by Gu Sixin, Du Yunlong’s face was obviously not good, and when Gu Sixin’s figure disappeared at the entrance of the building, he said: “Gu Sixin, let’s see how you can stop me when I press you on the bed.”


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