Dawn Infinity Chapter 38


Volume 2

Chapter 11 – Strangeness and… Points

“This is the underground map of Edward’s downtown area, and it has formed a network.”

In the small villa, Chu Hao and others found two computers, one desktop computer and one laptop. Fortunately, both computers could run perfectly, and the network in the house could also be used. Judging from the accumulation of dust in this room, in fact, this room was still in good condition..

After the discussion between Chu Hao and the two sisters, Mary and Aikerl, everyone else also understood the difficulty of the mission, which clearly meant that they would enter the vampire lair, and furthermore, it was the core of the lair. A bad situation would be attacked by a group, or even an army, it’d be lucky if they could die directly, otherwise, if they were to be kept as blood supply, then it would be worse than death.

Because of this, everyone began to speed up the search for the underground network of the whole city. Fortunately, two computers were available and were able to connect to the internet. It was good because there was no change in technology. Everyone was busy searching. There were still several famous search engines, everyone could find the map of the underground area of ​​the city, even the subway schedule, as well as the escape routes.

“This is a complete orderly civilized society.”

Chu Hao sighed heavily, and then said to everyone: “When I first saw Daybreakers, I felt that although these vampires have become the world’s legitimate master, just because of the director of the film, the screenwriter, the investor are humans. It’s also humans who bought movie tickets, so the ending belongs to humanity, turning from a vampire society back to a human society.”

Everyone else looked at the underground passage of the city displayed on the computer. After listening to his statement, they looked at Chu Hao very strangely. Ares then asked: “So, Chu Hao, you are in favor of the vampire society and the world?”

Chu Hao immediately smiled and said: “This is inconsistent with what is in favor, but purely in essence, this vampire society is a complete and orderly society, nothing more.”

Ares frowned, and the rest were incomprehensible except for the twins.

Chu Hao looked at the crowd. He shook his head with a smile, but did not explain anything immediately. Instead, he stood up and said, “Hey guys, are we cleaning up the room first, then finding a place to have some breakfast? We still have a whole day to discuss carefully, not busy at the moment, let’s eat something, take a break, then discuss more tonight… and think about what I said.”

Anyway, everyone was really hungry, and in addition to Chu Hao, Ares, J the three veterans, everyone else needs a quiet time to accept … accept the authenticity of the Reincarnation World.

In the way, after half an hour, everyone sat around and had a bad breakfast. After the breakfast, Ares distributed cigars or cigarettes to those who wanted to smoke, and found two bottle of red wine in the room, after pouring a cup for everyone, he sat down on the sofa, and everyone else also calmed down.

Only then, Chu Hao said: “I know that you have doubts in your heart, because of my previous remarks, well, I always think that doubt or contradiction is because there wasn’t enough communication, now let me explain what I have said before… First of all, what do you think is an orderly civilized society? Must it be human? No, an orderly civilized society needs only the inheritance of the main civilization that can be continued, and the continuation of life. If it’s replaced by a human society, it is a human civilization, then why can’t the vampire civilization be an orderly civilized society?”

Everyone else was stunned. Ares open his mouth several times, but he didn’t say anything, and the sisters showed a natural appearance, as if they had already known what Chu Hao wanted to say. .

The blonde youth Tom had been paying attention to the long-haired girl Mary next to him. He saw her expression and also very convinced: “Since this vampire society is an orderly civilized society, why are there vampire in the movie wanting to change back to human, and even vampires that became subsiders, and some even directly commit suicide by the sun? If it is really a legitimate and orderly civilized society, this phenomenon shouldn’t have appeared at all!?”

The long-haired girl Mary seemed to be disagree with Tom. When Tom spoke, she immediately replied dismissively: “Because these vampires were formerly humans, they accepted human’s civilization. This society used to be human’s. Although they are practically already the Earth’s rulers, these vampires are ‘stealing’ of the status of humans, both morally and socially. They are contradicted feelings, at least for decades, perhaps after a hundred or two hundred years, this feeling will be forgotten and disappeared, but in a sense, this vampire society is legal and reasonable.”

These words were well understood. Everyone had a feeling of sudden realization. Tom also agreed in his heart, but he refused to admit defeat, he clenched his teeth and asked: “Okay, I admit that vampires are this world’s reasonable and legal residents, but what about it, does this have anything to do with our mission?”

Mary slammed her head and made a defeated look, and Chu Hao smiled and said: “In fact, this is the premise, that is, we are illegal trespassers in this world, anti-Vampire society heresy, so don’t think about what to do with the vampires. We are just pigs in their eyes. The reason is that there are vampires like the male protagonist, but it is just a moral habit, but it has already gradually slowed down, if someday this habit stops, all we can do is to fight.”

Having said that, Chu Hao showed the laptop in front of him to everyone: “This is the city police system page that I hacked in when I was eating. You can check it out.”

Everyone looked at the laptop, which showed the subsider attacks and the precautions for the incident. Chu Hao went on and said: “The vast majority of subsiders lurk in the city’s sewers, along with humans. Due to the lack of blood, the number of Subsiders is increasing, and these subsiders, except for a part of them, have fled into the city’s sewer system. This is a sewer map drawn by the vampire police, but it is incomplete.……”

As Chu Hao pressed something on the laptop, a huge 3D picture appeared on the screen, from top to bottom, the dangerous sun zone, the subway and passage zone, and the sewer zone. There were more down-known areas. In fact, it could be seen from the picture that the size and depth of the sewers far exceeded the surface, which was almost like a huge sewer city.

Both Aikerl and Mary were amazed, and Mary immediately said, “How is it possible? The complexity and depth of this sewer… It’s impossible, no city would build such a large and complex sewer system, this project is simply more than just building a city. It’s ten times bigger and it’s underground…”

“That’s right, this is an uncertainty…”

Chu Hao nodded calmly: “It is reasonable to say that there is no such sewer in any human cities, but it is reasonable if it’s vampire. After all, vampires afraid of light. When vampires replaced humans, they must have such concern, so they built an underground space, this reasoning is reasonable, but as there are more and more vampires, humans will also become scarce, gradually, the status of the two would be completely different. Vampires also set up country and order, as a result, abandoning the deeper parts of the sewer, this is also understandable… Although there are still doubts, this is the most reasonable explanation.”

(But… there are still some worries. The depth and width of the sewer is really abnormal. Although it can be explained by the characteristics of the vampires, there are always some uncertainties. Is there something that have been neglected by me??)

Chu Hao faintly aware that there was something wrong, but after thinking hard about it, he went on and said: “So the next step is very easy, this is the location of the blood company where the protagonist is located, from the top of the company going down, this cone-shaped area is in a safe area of ​​one kilometer, we just need to stay inside, of course, this is just the beginning.”

When it came to that, Chu Hao rubbed his eyebrows with his hand, while maintained a gentle smile on his face. Seeing his movement, everyone else was quiet. Ares and J looked at each other, the two involuntarily excited, and J asked directly: “Chu Hao, do you have any plan? Do we get to kill a lot of subsiders at once? What about reward points and rank rewards?”

After saying that, after looking at the newbies’ incomprehensible expressions, he immediately laughed. And at the same time, the infinite exchanges from God, the importance of reward points and rank rewards, and the points they obtained in the previous movie Skyline, no doubt the newbies were feeling envious, even Zhang Heng, who had been trying to keep a cold expression, not to mention that Tom was actually drooling, Everyone immediately looked at Chu Hao.

Chu Hao smiled and said: “As long as you follow my plan and strictly comply with the guideline that I have explained, then…”

“Let’s get tens of thousands of reward points in this Daybreakers!”

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