Dawn Infinity Chapter 37


Volume 2

Chapter 10 – Turn The Impossible, Possible!

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Chu Hao squinted at the huge humanoid bat, the only creature in Daybreakers that was beyond the normal human and the closest to the legendary vampire. Its strength and speed… even surpassed J, but it was still within acceptable limit, but still far worse than Team China they met in Skyline.

Just when the huge humanoid bat flew over, J and Ares had already pulled out their type-54 pistols, but Chu Hao immediately stopped them, and hurriedly said: “Don’t use the type-54 pistol, the sound will bring troubles! Zhang Heng, use your bow to shoot! J, cover Zhang Heng and us, give me five seconds!”

J stunned, did not answer, immediately lifted a metal chair from the ground, rushed straight to the huge humanoid bat, after a moment of silence, J was directly hit by the wings of giant humanoid bats, the metal in his hand had been bent, but J himself was unscathed.

“Great power! Hahahaha…”

J was extremely excited. He grabbed the bent chair and once again plunged at the huge humanoid bat, and at that moment, the bat was also rushing toward Chu Hao, whose hand was bleeding blood. And the huge humanoid bat was caught off guard by J’s attack, and almost at the same time, when the huge humanoid bat was hit, Zhang Heng shot out another arrow. This time, his accuracy was excellent. It was directly inserted seven or eight centimeters into its chest. The humanoid bat suddenly felt pain on its chest. Obviously, the damage from the arrow was very big.

From the two exchanges, it was only more than five seconds, everyone saw the huge humanoid bat roared, prepared to attack again, and suddenly some strange words came out from Chu Hao’s mouth.

“Fear spell !”

The next moment, the huge humanoid bat which was roaring suddenly screamed. Although everyone didn’t know what happened to it, but it was obvious that it was panicking after it heard the voice. The huge humanoid bat that was going to be attack began to step back step by step, and was ready to withdraw from the villa.

“Zhang Heng! J!”

Chu Hao yelled and woke up the two people who were in a daze. Zhang Heng fired an arrow. The arrow shot directly at the head of the bat. The force of the arrow even pushed the bat back a few steps. Then followed by J, he rushed toward and smashed the metal chair at the huge humanoid bat head.

“Killed an initial level subsider, obtained 100 points.”

Right when the huge humanoid bat died, Chu Hao, Zhang Heng, J, all three heard the announcement at the same time, but the other four did not hear it. Chu Hao looked carefully at them, except for Zhang Heng and J whose faces dyed in happiness, the rest were still in shock, which made him understand what was going on.

(Only the people involved in the attack will get the reward points? And the initial level subsider…)

Chu Hao was silent for a while, and then said with a smile: “The danger is lifted. This time, we did good. I hope to continue this way when facing the subsiders…. Also, are you afraid of ghosts or supernatural beings?”

Several people in the room appeared to be worried, especially Zhang Heng and other four newbies. Only J and Ares seemed to understand something, especially Ares, with a look of joy, and immediately walked toward the huge humanoid bat.

Since the four newbies didn’t talk, Ares also refused to be scared. Anyway, they were still Reincarnation Team members. They saw him standing in front of the huge humanoid bat, his hands opened, his eyes flashed black. And the next moment, the body of the huge humanoid bat began to tremble slightly, and the tremor was getting more and more intense. Finally, the tremor turned into tearing. After a few seconds, a white skeleton came out from the cracked body of the huge humanoid bat.

It was a skeleton with two arms and wings, and it was bigger than normal skeleton, which had been tested by Ares. Although it seemed that the skeleton wasn’t strong, Ares naturally knew that it was stronger than it looked… God, it was a subsider’s skeleton, how strong was that?

Seeing that Ares could summon skeleton out of the subsider’s corpse, Chu Hao relaxed, with that some of his plans could be implemented, otherwise, he really couldn’t think of it… at least he couldn’t think of using undead to complete the mission.

The next thing was easy to do. They just need to clean up the villa room, sorted out their selected bedrooms, and then gathered in the living room to discuss about their next move.

“Every evening, Edward will go to the lab in the city to work, because we have already received the mission, it is necessary to be within a kilometer range of the mission objective during the mission period. We’d be eliminated by God if we can’t complete the mission, just like the one who had been eliminated.”

Chu Hao smiled, and the four newbies, including Zhang Heng, couldn’t help but shuddered. They remembered the middle aged man, but before they could even think about it, Chu Hao continued: “Just as I said in the car, Miss Mary did mention that although this mission restriction seems to be simple, it is very difficult. We can’t go to the city center. It’s a vampire zone. Can we fight thousands of armed vampires? Impossible, we are not superman, at least not now, so this mission is an almost impossible mission, almost a certain death…”

“Almost?” Mary suddenly asked: “Do you have a solution? Anyway, I started thinking about it after I saw the mission, I couldn’t find any possible solutions. I could only gamble on luck and park my car in the parking garage at Edward’s company. We could hide in the car. If lucky, we can escape the elimination. But if unlucky, then we will be dead as soon as the vampires suspect us or check the vehicle.”

Both J and Ares were a little surprised. They didn’t hear Mary’s analysis before, so they started to take the girl seriously.

Aikerl immediately said: “Mary! Show some respect, Mr. Chu Hao is a veteran who entered earlier than us! He’s a senior, do you understand?”

Mary stick her tongue out and said: “I know, old lady, don’t treat me like a child, and I didn’t say anything wrong. Isn’t it the result of your analysis? Your analysis ability is even better than me.”

Aikerl immediately looked at Chu Hao and saw that there was no blame in his expression. She said, “Mr. Chu Hao, everyone… I am sorry, my analysis is the same with my younger sister, we can only hide in the car, gamble on luck, this is the only way we can reach the mission conditions.”

“I’m very sorry……”

Chu Hao smiled and shook his head. He apologized first and then said in a very firm voice: “I never gambled on luck, so hide in the car and gamble if anyone doubt my ability. But I will never participate in such action. Of course, I will not force you to participate in my plan. If you think your plan is safer, then you may go and I will not interfere with your freedom.”

Aikerl and Mary suddenly showed a surprised expression. The two beautiful girls looked at each other. Mary immediately said with conviction: “But this is only one way! If you don’t want to bet your luck, then go and fight with the vampire army, this is not gambling, but directly head to a dead end, we will not stop you…”

Aikerl immediately tapped Mary, and hurriedly said: “Respect, respect! Mary, you are too anxious, I have already said that not only the talents in our college are geniuses, but the world is big, there are also more talented people. Why are you always like this?”

Mary suddenly pouted and said: “But I am right. In addition to this method, everything else is a dead end, elder sister… Do I have to suffer even if I’m right?”

Aikerl sighed and then looked at Chu Hao seriously: “Mr. Chu Hao, although I also agree not to gamble on luck, after all, once you gamble, everything will be decided by the unknown. We will no longer relying on our manpower and wisdom, it’s the most stupid thing to do, but… my younger sister is right, what else can we do besides gambling on luck? The mission’s limitations are simply impossible under normal circumstances! ”

“Then create a possibility in the impossibility!”

Chu Hao smiled lightly, but his words contradicted himself: “I have a way to gamble on luck. Although it is dangerous, as long as we cooperate, be careful, be cautious, not only can we get through, You can also get extra reward points for your very first enhancement after your first horror movie…”

“This method is actually not complicated, but you have not leaped away from the plot… You have seen the original film, remember that when the movie started, what happened at the underground railway?”

Everyone strangely looked at each other, and blonde youth suddenly said: “They were buying blood! Those vampires were going to drink blood… Do you want us to pretend to sell blood?”

“Of course not…”

Chu Hao smiled, he gently rubbed his eyebrows, and then continued: “At the subway, there is another underground level, that is the location of the sewer, there are many wandering subsiders, there are scenes like that in the original movie…”

“My plan is very simple. Calculate the vertical distance, as long as it does not exceed the one kilometer range away from the protagonist. Within this range, we can completely enter the sewer through the underground passage. Daybreakers has an underground passage like a spider web. Let’s go below the underground passage and dance with the subsiders!”

“This is……”

“My way of making the impossible, possible!”

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